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What is Human Resources Automation?

Evan Wong (CEO & Co-Founder)    Sep 2, 2022   18 min read

What is an HR Automation?

Human resources automation is the technology that allows people & HR teams to digitize, streamline, automate and measure their work across hiring, communications, retention, development and performance management processes.

Why is Human Resources Automation Important?

People and HR teams currently manage and conduct their work using inefficient and manual processes such as paper forms and excel spreadsheets to run and manage employee relations. As a result, HR teams are spending more time on administrative tasks that are low value and unmotivating, as opposed to valuable people-centric work. 

Many software providers can address some of these issues such as deploying digital forms, but they often cannot provide the level of sophistication required to manage the complex workflow-based processes that are managed by human resources departments. Moreover, the inability to capture key data from processes that currently sit in ‘offline’ media such as emails and spreadsheets make it difficult for HR teams to be on the front foot when it comes to process improvement.

Use Cases for People & HR Automation

Human resources automation empowers HR teams to create self-serve and self-help tools for employees and tools that empower the HR team themselves to process work more efficiently.
At Checkbox, we’ve come across 4 common use cases for human resources automation:
  1. Employee Letter & Agreement Generation Free up time for the HR team by automating standard, low risk letters and agreements
  1. Recruitment Process Management Build bespoke solutions in a matter of days to automate unique areas not covered by your recruitment management system
  1. Performance Management Create tailored performance management experiences in line with your organisation growth strategy
  1. Employee Onboarding Management Fast-track the onboarding experience for both employees and HR teams

Benefits of Human Resources Automation

Whilst other HR technology may help HR teams organize and manage their work, HR automation uniquely shifts the type of work of people & HR departments to enable them to truly do more with less, whilst also creating visible and direct improvements to the delivery of employee services to their organisation.
Here are just some of the benefits of human resources automation:
  • Give time back to people & HR teams – refocus the HR team on high impact, people-centric tasks by creating automation and self-service journeys for the low complexity tasks.
  • Enhance employee experience – remove bottlenecks and improve turnaround time to the business by improving accessibility to services through self-service whilst shortening the queue for high importance HR requests.
  • Higher compliance – improve accuracy and adoption of proper practices and processes.
  • Standardization – create operational excellence and consistency of service delivery.
  • Data capture – gain access and report on data which typically isn’t captured due to manual and ‘offline’ methods of working, particularly in email and phone calls.

Checkbox as a HR Automation Platform

The Checkbox automation platform empowers people & HR teams to build automation tools that can be deployed to employees organization-wide, using drag and drop. Trusted by the best brands globally across HR teams of all sizes, Checkbox has been a critical piece in their transformation journey, providing not only the best in breed automation technology but the expertise to ensure success.

Checkbox is known for being the easiest to use, yet powerful automation platform available for people & HR teams. Combined with our deep expertise in automation and transformation, we are excited to demonstrate to you why the best chooses Checkbox and why they always succeed with us.

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