Case Studies

Read how Checkbox has empowered our customers to navigate through their challenges with automation solutions.


Woolworths Group Delivers Legal Advice At Scale With Checkbox Automation

Woolworths Group saw the opportunity to use automation to be smarter about how legal was spending their time, so they can focus more on the strategic issues where they provide the greatest value.


How Xero Revolutionized NDA Generation with Automation

For Xero, adopting Checkbox provided them with the ability to rapidly implement an NDA automation tool for business users to self-serve with the nimbleness for the legal team to respond actively to changes around the business and enhancing their service delivery.

Coca-Cola Europacific Partners  Checkbox Case Study


Coca-Cola Europacific Partners Transforms with Checkbox

Coca-Cola Europacific Partners was seeking a “build it yourself” platform that empowers the people who know the issues and processes best within the business to rapidly automate them without reliance on IT or external vendors. With Checkbox, applications were built in a fraction of the time needed for traditional IT projects.

Telstra Checkbox Case Study


How Telstra Automated Intake and Triage Using Checkbox

Telstra uses Checkbox to automate their low value and repetitive work with legal intake and triage automation. Learn more about their automation journey to date, Telstra’s Transformation Model and Telstra’s Change Governance Framework.

Tabcorp Checkbox Case Study


How Tabcorp Uses Checkbox to Automate Employment Contracts

Through no-code automation, Tabcorp generates bespoke, ready-to-go, employee contracts and letters that are pre-filled and tailored from pre- existing templates. Since using Checkbox, they have reduced manual work, generating bulk employee contracts in just 6 minutes.

Air New Zealand Checkbox Case Study


Air New Zealand Takes Flight with NDA Document Automation

Air New Zealand uses Checkbox to fully automate and improve their NDA processes for all stakeholders. This has allowed the legal team to focus more of their efforts on the larger strategic activities that make a difference and deliver significant time and budget savings.

Assurance Lab Checkbox Case Study


AssuranceLab Automates Data
Capture & Audit with Checkbox

AssuranceLab chose automation; not only because it was cheaper, but also because it provided various quality and consistency benefits that would be key to scaling high-quality, client-centric services. Through Checkbox, AssuranceLabs remedied their pain points by automating data capture with a clear audit trail.

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