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Performance Management

Create tailored performance management experiences in line
with your organisation growth strategy
Create tailored performance management experiences in line with your organisation growth strategy

The Challenges

The professional development of employees is essential for the growth of an organisation, but employees and managers often find this process time-consuming, infrequent and unstructured. Most companies address performance reviews with spreadsheet based or heavy lifting HCM systems giving little opportunity to provide feedback outside the regular intervals. This leads to reliance on the managers’ memory of events. Additionally, unstructured review processes can be unbalanced, with too much emphasis on negative feedback which can result in misalignment when setting goals and expectations.

How Checkbox Solves Performance Management

Challenges How does Checkbox address it?

Off-line performance management applications as Microsoft Word and Excel are unnecessarily time-consuming and tedious. 

Checkbox captures and triages information from employees with smart, dynamic forms and intuitive on-screen guidance. Information captured can be automatically populated into final performance feedback review documents.

Reviews are infrequent and are not given on the spot, causing feedback to be given out of context at a later stage. As feedback is given based on employees’ recount of past events, issues are addressed too late, creating delays and inaccuracies in providing feedback. 

Checkbox’s no-code, drag and drop platform empowers business experts within the HR team to rapidly and independently build tailored performance management applications that encourage continuous, instantaneous feedback.

Unstructured review frameworks create a risk of an unbalanced focus on negative feedback and misalignment of goals and expectations.

HR teams can easily build tailored structured performance review applications, rolled out to all divisions. Customized and structured processes ensure uptake and adoption of these apps to standardize performance review quality across division

The HR team adopts multiple off-the-shelf point solutions to solve issues that enterprise wide HCM systems cannot address. However, the user experience across multiple systems becomes disconnected.

Checkbox allows HR teams to use a single platform to rapidly build tailored point solutions that address gaps within enterprise wide HCM systems, with a seamless user experience. 
These digital solutions can be built from scratch with unique requirements in mind and can be quickly adapted when processes and policies change, without needing to consume IT’s time. 

Lack of visibility on performance insights and its impact on company strategy, as review processes vary per division. 

Real time progress on the contributions of employees and managers can be viewed through the Checkbox dashboard. Alternatively, all data can be exported for use in alternative analytics tools, such as Power BI and Tableau.

Key Features


  • Streamline and digitise performance review processes to save time

    Moving away from tedious processes by automating manual data entry enables quick access to past feedback and performance reviews.

  • Tailored, structured performance reviews across the organization

    Rolling out standardized performance management processes allows for consistency in the quality of feedback.

  • The HR team can develop additional performance management applications that engages employees for 360-degree feedback, on-the-spot

    Empowering the HR team to rapidly build tailored, on-going performance review applications provides the opportunity for constant growth and goal setting.

  • Better shape organizational strategy and decisions

    Monitor and manage all performance reviews at-a-glance through Checkbox dashboards and full audit trails to gain valuable insight, and support organisational efficiency at scale.


How Does Checkbox Automate This?

1. Employees access the feedback and review applications through a centralised portal

A URL can be embedded inside the company portal for easy and secure access.

2. In parallel, and with no visibility of the other’s input, direct reports and managers complete the review

Provide feedback and context before meeting up in-person. Direct reports provide a self-evaluation, upwards feedback and set future goals with the context of previously set performance goals on screen. Managers provide feedback and set future goals for direct reports.

3. Upon completion, direct reports and managers meet up to align on the performance review through a formal 1:1 conversation

Performance reviews are then summarised in the dashboard. Upper management has visibility over the strategy and contributions of their team, enabling them to better craft business strategy.

4. On-going and tailored performance management applications can also be created

Applications to encourage two-way and 360-degree feedback, project-based feedback can be easily built and maintained by the HR team with the no-code Checkbox platform.

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