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Employee Onboarding

Employee Onboarding Management

Fast-track the onboarding experience for both employees and HR teams

The Challenges

The onboarding experience for employees is typically a complex process that leaves a lasting impression on new hires. The friction for the HR team lies in the unnecessary time spent on capturing basic information and generating tailored documents which must be re-keyed into multiple other systems – a repetitive and error prone process. Involving multiple divisions including IT and Legal is also a manual process of back-and-forth emails and follow-ups. Additionally, new employees often ask the same questions and any FAQs set up by the HR team in portals or other systems can be difficult to update and maintain.

How Checkbox Solves Employee Onboarding Management

Challenges How does Checkbox address it?

The manual collection of information and re-keying into multiple systems for various functions of the business is time-consuming and prone to human error. Missing information creates a high risk of non-compliance and the action of following up to complete any forms is unnecessarily manual. 

Smart, dynamic forms with decision-tree logic are used for automated data collection and follow-up if required.  
Checkbox solutions also complement most third-party systems to effortlessly fit with existing technology through integrations.

Various bespoke documents need to be generated for each employee, depending on the role and contractual situation. A tedious and lengthy contract signing process is usually experienced. 

The generation of documents is automated by populating an underlying master template which is compliant by design for each role. E-signature can be leveraged to reduce friction and provide an effortless experience for new employees. 
For more details around employment letter and agreement generation, visit our use-case page here.

The HR team needs to manually engage, via email, with multiple functions of the business to fully on-board employees. 

Automatically notify multiple business divisions to complete their part of the onboarding process in parallel, and assign actions back to HR and employees upon completion. 

New hires often ask the same questions, such as how to apply for overtime or place a purchase order – a highly time-consuming but repeatable process.  
As these questions are answered via multiple channels of emails, phone calls and messages, it is difficult to see which parts of the business new employees have confusion. 

Checkbox builds self-serve FAQs with decision-tree logic and on-screen guidance directing employees to the relevant links, contact persons and resources. 
As all employee questions are centralized, insights can be drawn over time based on the types of questions asked. 

The HR team adopts multiple off-the-shelf point solutions to solve issues that enterprise wide HCM systems cannot address. However, the user experience across multiple systems becomes disconnected and it’s difficult to assign actions to relevant employees. 

Checkbox allows HR teams to use a single platform to rapidly build tailored point solutions that are built from scratch with unique requirements in mind, quickly adapting to employee contractual situations without consuming IT’s time. 
Specific actions can be assigned to relevant managers with Checkbox’s workflow automation. 

Key Features


  • Streamline and digitise the employee onboarding journey to save time

    Provide an intuitive onboarding journey for new hires and minimize the time required by the HR team to collect employee information, generate documents and re-key information into multiple systems.

  • Increase compliance

    Automate the process of following up with employees and ensure all employee data have been collected to complete the onboarding process.

  • Provide a better employee onboarding experience

    Enable the HR team to build tailored onboarding packs and self-service tools without having to use multiple different systems that create a disconnected user experience.

  • Oversee the onboarding progress

    All stakeholders involved in the process can track the onboarding status through the Checkbox dashboard. All information and documents can be automatically directed to the repository of choice.

  • Improve maintainability

    Through no-code, the solution can be easily and independently modified for any business or process changes.


How Does Checkbox Automate This?

1. Bulk send out onboarding packs with forms to fill, documents to sign and information packs via email

Checkbox can pull information from enterprise systems, including CSV files, HCM and other ERP systems.

2. Checkbox automatically sends email notification reminders and the contract with requests to e-sign

Legally correct contracts are created inside Checkbox based on the employee details provided and in-built decisioning logic. Pre-set conditions determining when email notifications are sent out can be set up, e.g. when an employee has not completed a form by a set date.

3. Upon e-signing, multiple divisions are involved to complete their part of the onboarding process

Business functions, such as IT and the legal team are automatically notified with checklists and employee information. Hiring managers and new employees are informed of the progress and outcome.

4. After employees are onboarded, FAQ tools allow employees to self-serve resources

Automatically triage questions to enable new hires to independently find relevant resources and resolve their question.

5. Alongside this, tailored surveys can be created to hear employee feedback

Concerns are automatically prioritised and raised with managers to address issues. All employee feedback is recorded in the dashboard to analyse and identify the areas of concern.

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