Checkbox launches the ‘Legal Services Hub,’ bringing together powerhouses of Intake, Matter Management, Workflow and GenAI

April 22, 2024
Checkbox creates the first ‘Legal Services Hub’ for in-house legal teams, supercharging the intake and workflow automation platform with AI.

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New York April 22 – Checkbox, leading legal intake and workflow automation platform, has announced the launch of its new AI-powered intake and matter management solution, a significant leap forward in reshaping how legal teams deliver their services. This latest addition to the platform rounds out Checkbox’s ‘Legal Services Hub’ which integrates intake, matter management, AI and workflow automation to enable in-house legal teams to manage all legal work from intake to reporting.

The missing technology for legal

In the current business world, various departments rely on a key piece of technology that enables them to manage their core processes and activities. For sales and marketing, they use CRMs (Customer Relationship Management) to manage customer interactions. For HR, they have HRM (Human Resource Management) systems to streamline their employee processes. For IT, they have ITSM (Information Technology Service Management) for their IT services.

However, the legal department lacks its own dedicated ‘management system.’ To date, the current landscape of legal operations is characterized by a manual and decentralized approach to handling legal work. The entire or parts of the intake, triage and matter management process is being done manually or offline, where the lack of automated data capture makes it impossible to measure and communicate legal impact. This lack of a single source of truth is compounded by issues of ad hoc, unstructured requests, unfocused resources and communication inefficiencies.

Much worse is where legal teams are seen forcing square pegs in a round hole by using multiple, overlapping and even contradicting technologies, to solve similar intake and workflow challenges, but with many gaps and at a much more costly rate.

Hence, there's a pressing need for a dedicated ‘Legal Services Hub’ that allows legal teams to capture, service and report on all work coming into the department.

“We found that legal teams seeking better efficiency and visibility over work needed both legal intake and automation. So, we brought the two together to create the Legal Services Hub. What I love is how we've used artificial intelligence to meet the users where they are and minimize data entry, which really drives adoption. And I’m glad to find that our customers and partners who are using the Legal Services Hub love this too,” says Evan Wong, CEO and Co-founder of Checkbox. 

The Legal Services Hub has already made a lasting impact on the in-house legal community, with Checkbox customers and partners being at the forefront of this innovation:

“Checkbox's capabilities have not only revolutionized our risk management processes but have also enabled us to deliver legal advice at scale. Checkbox has empowered our legal team to guide our business partners proactively, resulting in an impressive 80% reduction in the volume of matters. This significant decrease allows us to concentrate our efforts on high-impact initiatives, ensuring that we provide strategic guidance while maintaining efficiency and accountability across our legal operations. As a result of the success we have experienced with automation using Checkbox, we are currently exploring the new AI-powered capabilities, to further enhance our service delivery,” says Holly Reimer, Continuous Improvement & Innovation Manager at Woolworths Group, the leading Australian and New Zealand retail group.

"Checkbox exemplifies a thoughtful and responsive approach to addressing market demands. Checkbox has been an essential component in our tech stack, aiding us in creating tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of our diverse team,” says Saren Chum, Senior Manager of Legal Contract Operations and Digital Transformation at Invisalign (Align Technology).  

“We have been eagerly awaiting the launch of GAI workflow enhancements, and after seeing Checkbox’s recent incorporation of AI into workflow automation and how easy it is to set up, we’re even more excited to see what the future holds for our clients who will harness this transformative technology,” says the UpLevel Ops Team, the leading advisors in legal operations.

How the ‘Legal Services Hub’ works

The Legal Services Hub simplifies the intake process by meeting the business where they are to capture and respond to requests and queries effortlessly. Matters, documents, approvals and conversations are then centralized for a single source of truth.

Key Features

AI Legal Chatbot: Automatically respond and route requests based on your company policies and playbooks.

• Flexible Intake: Capture requests wherever the business is on email, Slack, Teams, Salesforce, forms, and more.

Automatic Matter Creation & Triage: Automatically create matters, populating key details and routing to the relevant workflow, process or person.

With the Legal Service Hub, legal teams can streamline manual processes between people, systems and data. From generating contracts to facilitating approvals and conducting legal evaluations, teams can automate routine tasks and accelerate the resolution of matters.

Key Features

Contract Lifecycle Management: Automate the contract lifecycle from intake and generation, through to approval, execution and renewal.

• Workflow Automation: Streamline manual processes, tasks and communications between people, systems and data.

The final capability of the Legal Services Hub empowers legal teams with visibility and insights to effectively track & communicate workload and performance to leadership.

Key Features

Request Tracking: Get a view across all matters with linked statuses, documents, emails, tasks, approvals and conversations.

• Dashboards & Analytics: Gain insight key metrics and trends for matter volume, status and type.

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