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Intake and manage requests, automate manual processes, and keep track of all things happening within the legal department.

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How Checkbox Works

Intake and manage requests, automate manual processes, and keep track of all things happening within the legal department.


Intake and manage requests of all types

Meet the business where they are. Use email, Slack, Teams, Jira, Salesforce and forms to capture requests into a single platform.


Automate manual processes

Streamline manual processes between people, systems and data. Generate contracts, facilitate approvals, conduct legal evaluations, connect systems and more.


Gain visibility into legal workload & performance

Report on all things happening within legal, whether that’s active matters or workflow performance. Insights on volume, status, cycle time, and more lie at your fingertips.

Manage all legal work from intake to reporting

Automated Intake & Triage

Capture requests and route automatically based on matter type, lawyer expertise, capacity and business unit.

Meet the business where there are on email, Slack, Teams, Jira, Salesforce and forms & capture requests into a single platform.

Automatically triage matters based on type, lawyer expertise, capacity and business unit.

Matter Management System

Create a connected legal service hub to link matters, documents, emails, tasks, approvals, and more.

See all matters in one place and view associated files, conversations and tasks.

Create and update matters automatically with details such as type, requester, assignee, client and more.

Dashboards & Analytics

Capture the full story and impact of legal by gaining visibility into legal workload and performance.

Customize reports to measure key data for request volume, type, time taken, and more.

Use data to identify bottlenecks, optimize, communicate to leadership, and advocate for needed headcount and budget.

AI-powered Triage

Remove the hassle of manually tagging and managing requests by leveraging intelligent triage.

Leverage AI to generate and fill in records, eliminating manual data entry each time.

Automatically categorize requests and route to relevant people, workflows, or processes.

Matter Audit & History

Consolidate information under one tab with a clear audit trail. View all matters, including conversation and task history.

View relevant files, documents, conversations, emails, and more all in the same place.

Collaborate with other business users and within legal with clear visibility on internal notes and tracked decisions, conversations and tasks.

Contract Management

Automate the contract lifecycle from intake and generation, through to approval, execution and renewal.

Leverage AI-powered contract term extraction to instantly pull and store key details & obligations from documents.

Facilitate rules-based workflows for approvals, review and collaboration.

Process Automation

Streamline manual processes between people, systems, and data for legal evaluation, compliance, and more.

Sequential and parallel workflows, conditional logic and bulk processing enable even the most complicated of workflows.

Automate notifications to specific stakeholders for assignment & approvals and trigger status changes automatically.

Conversation Data & Audits

Create digital workflows by visually mapping the steps and flow of activities within a specific legal process.

Simple and intuitive drag-and-drop interface enables anyone to become a builder, even without coding or IT knowledge.

Build workflows that closely emulate your real-life processes.

Approvals and Review

Automate approvals and review by routing documents, tasks, and notifications to the designated approvers.

Link with matter management software to automatically assign requests based on expertise, availability and more.

Integrations with DocuSign and AdobeSign ensure a process of work that can all be completed in one step.

Custom Forms

Use forms to your advantage to automate information capture and standardization for any use case you could think of.

Custom fields, workflow logic, and database integrations create a tailored hassle-free forms experience.

Add annotations and additional information in case of common queries and concerns.

Contract Automation

Create contracts with ease by automating the creation of contracts from templates, CRM data and user inputs.

Allow employees to generate contracts in just a matter of clicks from Salesforce, Slack, Teams, email & more.

Integrate with your CRM and systems to auto-populate data for your contracts.

Policy / FAQ Help Desk

Instantly respond and handle employee queries using your organization’s policies and playbooks.

Enable FAQ for company policies, offer checklists outlining compliance requirements and conduct legal evaluation.

Tailor responses and recommend customized content.

Legal Evaluation & Compliance

Streamline compliance and policy procedures with self-service checklists for the wider organization.

Lead users by establishing a clear path and decision criteria in line with your legal rules and regulations.

Facilitate linear, parallel, and trigger-based workflows that closely emulate your real-life processes.

Automatic Matter Escalation

Automate the escalation of high priority or urgent matters requiring legal attention.

Flag and escalate matters that are urgent, critical or require legal intervention.

Route requests to the appropriate lawyer automatically based on deadline date, region, and more.

Permissions and Access

Maintain high security standards with robust access controls that safeguard your data.

Enhance user security and ease with Single-Sign-On (SSO) authentication.

Build self-service tools that can be set as public or private and get access to audit logs and history.

AI Legal Chatbot

Launch an AI chatbot to intake and respond based on your company policies & playbooks.

Train the AI Assistant to your organization’s unique policies, playbooks and processes to draw its responses from.

Automatically record all queries and chatbot replies to measure accuracy, gauge user satisfaction, and monitor reliability.

Chatbot Customization

Tailor responses, recommend customized content, and adapt chatbot tone & personality for user engagement.

Set instructions and rules to ensure the chatbot’s answers are compliant.

Set confidence thresholds and enable fallback responses as a safety net.

Conversation Data & Audits

Monitor chatbot conversations to measure accuracy, gauge user satisfaction, and monitor reliability.

Drill into conversation data to see what the business is asking, and how the AI chatbot is responding.

Examine interaction data to identify request demand, resolution rates, user satisfaction and errors.

Chat Anywhere

Access instant legal service on any channel. No need to go through the tiresome processes of adopting new procedures.

Integrate the AI Chatbot natively into existing channels of Slack, Microsoft Teams, email intake, and more.

View and manage all conversation history in one place, no matter the intake channel.

Self-Service Tools

Route queries to self-service tools offering checklists outlining compliance requirements, provide legal documents, and more.

Link self-service tools directly with the AI Chatbot.

Intelligently interpret queries using AI-powered triage and route to the relevant workflow, process, or person.

Experience it all together

No-Code Automation Platform - Integrations
No-Code Automation Platform - Integrations

Connect with your tech stack

Streamline the flow of data, documents and activities across your other systems with out-of-the-box custom integrations.

Discover why Checkbox wins year-on-year

We’ve moved away from our old model of lawyers dedicated to specific clients, to a centralized one. Checkbox is key in enabling us to deliver legal services via a legal front door.

Denise Doyle

Legal Transformation Lead @ Telstra

Checkbox has reduced the volume of matters that the legal team needs to handle by 50-80%.  Checkbox gives us the framework to let the legal team spend its time on motivating work and high-value matters.

Ben Langford

General Counsel @ Woolworths Group

The breadth of use cases for Checkbox has been quite amazing. Much, much broader than just document automation, workflows and intake. With Checkbox, Coca-Cola Europacific Partners can truly create an employee-led digital transformation culture.

Richard Conway

Deputy Group General Counsel @ Coca-Cola Europacific Partners

We're no longer a roadblock to the business. Using Checkbox has allowed us to work on more complex business matters, making us a stronger business partner.

Georgia Petry

Legal Counsel @ Xero

You're safe with us

Keeping our clients' data secure is of utmost importance to us at Checkbox. We have achieved SOC 2 and ISO 27001 certifications, considered to be the highest international standard of information security for customer data, and are compliant with ISO 27017 and 27018 frameworks.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any further questions, Get in touch with our friendly team or email us at

What is Checkbox?

Checkbox is the leading no-code service automation platform that empowers business functions to automate their tedious, manual processes and streamline their service delivery.

This enables teams to better manage and scale their services to improve access, value, and speed to the business.

Do you have templates so we do not have to start from scratch?

Yes, Checkbox has a range of templates for common use-cases across legal, human resources, compliance, IT and more, which you can get access to. Any application built in Checkbox can also be exported with a single click to enable template sharing. Explore our available solution templates.

Can Checkbox integrate with our existing systems or database?

Yes, applications built on Checkbox can be integrated with any other system that has available REST APIs. Integrations within Checkbox applications typically streamline the flow of data and trigger events across your existing systems and workflow. You can pull data and documents from other systems into Checkbox and conversely push data and documents into other systems automatically.

Key integrations with Checkbox include DocuSign, AdobeSign, Xakia, LawVu, Salesforce, Sharepoint, Google Drive and more.

What is the profile or skill sets of users who typically build on Checkbox?

Checkbox is no code. Our completely visual drag and drop application builder means that anyone, including those with no technical background can build their own automation and workflow tools without coding or IT knowledge. We have lawyers, HR, procurement, risk and compliance professionals, business analysts all building on Checkbox, and across many different seniority levels (C-Suite, middle managers and interns).

How long does it take to build an application on Checkbox?

Checkbox is designed to be the fastest no-code development platform. We have seen simple applications (e.g. NDA automation) built in just 15 minutes, right up to complex end-to-end business processes (e.g. complete automation of an organization’s entire procurement framework) built over a few months. Regardless of the size and complexity of the solution, Checkbox’s completely visual drag and drop application builder allows solutions to be built and deployed in a fraction of the time, risk, and cost compared to traditional IT development.

Checkbox is no-code, but do you allow for coding if we want to?

Yes. Whilst Checkbox is no-code, some use-cases may still require coding either due to complexity or the need for integrations with other systems. The Checkbox authoring studio provides a component which enables code to be written and executed as part of the workflow, often leveraging the skill set of IT staff to build upon the no code foundation built by the business users.

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