How Tabcorp Uses Checkbox to Automate Employment Contracts

Jenna Rundle
Sr. Manager Talent, Ops & Systems

Tabcorp is Australia’s largest gambling organization providing wagering and gaming products & services.




Human Resources


5,000+ employees


• Time spent generating contracts reduced from 400 to 160 hours

• A contract now takes only 6 minutes to generate, time savings of 60%

• Sent 250 contracts within the first month

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"Checkbox takes document automation to an extra level. After a few nurturing questions, the platform spits out a fully generated contract. I have yet to see any other system or platform that’s been able to do that."

Jenna Rundle
Sr. Manager Talent, Ops & Systems


At the start of their automation journey, Tabcorp was undergoing a large re-organizational design, and along with that, the People & Culture teams needed to support about 700 employee changes that required the manual creation of contracts and letters in a short period of time.

Tabcorp needed to find a solution that would reduce the amount of time it would take to generate letters and contracts, without negatively impacting the daily management of day-to-day activities of their employees. Without a solution to streamline the process, quality assurance and output would also be impacted due to the high volumes of work with high risks of inaccuracies.

Tabcorp’s HR teams also had to manage very complex contract and letter generation templates that required a significant amount of manual work. This resulted in inefficiencies and created delays in the execution of letters to employees and new starters.

As a result, Tabcorp sought out a way to automate and streamline the contract and letter generation process and were in search of a tool that would enhance the candidate and employee experience through uplift and capability of Tabcorp systems.

Additionally, Tabcorp needed a solution that would simplify their complex contract templates and reduce the manual uplift that was present in their day-to-day processes, streamlining HR functions and reducing their risk of inaccuracies.


For Tabcorp, adopting Checkbox provided them the ability to capture information all within a single platform, particularly when handling such large volumes and multiple stakeholders.

With its ability to automate documents end- to-end using information intake, conditional content, bulk processing, approvals and e-signature, Checkbox enabled Tabcorp to generate numerous contracts within a short period of time, allowing them to expedite their re-organizational design.

An important aspect of the contract generation process was finding a platform that incorporated peer reviews and approvals within the system, rather than having amendments being sent via email, spreadsheets, and other channels which would create complexity and confusion.

Additionally, the HR team has been able to automate the end-to-end user journeys of their employees, with the ability for integration into various systems.

This deployment of the Checkbox platform has allowed Tabcorp to easily report and obtain data in relation to operations and organizations design volumes.

"When searching for a solution, I was really focused on contract generation and letter generation and Checkbox was the best player in the field. Within that one application, there is time- stamping across the contract lifecycle, reporting capability, peer review, approver assignment and integration capability."


This no-code automation implementation has allowed Tabcorp to generate bespoke, ready-to-go, employee contracts and letters that are pre-filled and tailored from pre- existing templates using Checkbox. They were also able to reduce manual work and maximize efficiency with time savings of up to 60%. With Checkbox, the HR team now can generate an employee contract in just 6 minutes.

Previously, Tabcorp’s processes required a number of manual and time-consuming approvals that often, delayed the execution of letters to employees and new starters. However, using Checkbox, they were able to achieve strong outcomes during their re-organizational design that required their team to make 700 employee changes.

Within the first few weeks of implementation, the HR team was able to capture and triage information from users and other systems. Checkbox’s dynamic platform gave Tabcorp the capability of generating letters and contracts at a high volume that added significant, positive value to the employee experience. The platform was also able to integrate into PageUp and DocuSign, creating a seamless end-to-end process and experience for Tabcorp’s employees.

“Checkbox has been easy to implement, and we are able to deliver to our timelines and streamline our HR function. The quality of our employee experience has improved, and our team has been absolutely thrilled with the usability of the platform compared to our previous processes.”

Checkbox’s customizable dashboards have given the team at Tabcorp valuable insights into the volumes of contracts and other agreements that their team members generate. It also provides them with a good sense of pay periods since they perform many monthly and quarterly reports. Additionally, since adopting Checkbox, Tabcorp’s HR and People teams now have audit tracking and record keeping capabilities.

  • Generated employee contracts in just 6 minutes
  • Positive value to employee experience
  • Automated high volume of letters and contracts

“I think HR teams should really put that effort into identifying where there is an opportunity for automation within their current processes. There’s so much benefit in reducing that manual work effort where you can. I’m a huge fan of automation and think it is the way forward.”