How Data Enables & Advocates the Legal Narrative

May 1, 2024

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How Data Enables & Advocates the Legal Narrative

Between finding more innovative ways to do more with less and at a faster pace, legal teams spend a significant amount of time performing tedious, manual administrative tasks instead of accelerating and advancing business value. This is where no-code automation becomes more than just a ‘nice to have,’ but an essential resource for legal teams.  

A key problem for legal teams is that slow turnarounds from legal responses can create significant bottlenecks in internal and customer-facing processes involving other departments. Without a system in place to track legal requests, document processes, resolutions and approvals, there is little to no data capture or visibility into the delivery of services and the status of legal workflows. No data means that there is no explanation or story, and thus legal is not able to clear its name.

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No-code automation, more specifically, legal service request management can unlock the full picture of data for lawyers. A no-code platform can help lawyers capture the number of requests coming through, where the status of the request sits, which business department it came from and so much more. Having a platform that provides this data can also provide visibility over the workload of different lawyers, which reduces the clutter of communications that legal teams must manage but also highlights the improvements in process efficiency and resourcing.  

By giving legal teams more visibility over the data of the department and legal activities across the business, this provides a better overview of the legal issues within a business for the team to more effectively manage legal risk, resource planning and determining improvements in process efficiency and resource. This is essential for lawyers to prove that they are currently working with limited resources to complete work, and to demonstrate to leadership the need for more support, whether that’s additional legal technology or more headcount for the legal team.

Automated service request management also gives lawyers access to extremely important meta-data that can be used for drafting NDAs and other critical legal documents for the business. For example, the legal team can identify the correlation between trade secrets being involved in a contract with the purpose of the contract, giving them the information and power to make strategic business decisions.

What legal teams need is the data to give them visibility over legal requests to support the narrative that legal is taking on more work with increasingly fewer resources. Data capture can be monumental in supporting in-house legal teams in procuring additional resources they need to advise the company and accurately understand the business' overall legal profile to help legal teams measure and demonstrate their value. By providing greater access to the organization's board or executive team, legal teams have a greater opportunity to shape corporate strategy.

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