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Job Description Generator

Automate the creation of bespoke yet standardized
job descriptions for any role in your company
Automate the creation of bespoke yet standardized job descriptions for any role in your company

Automate Repetitive Documents Without Code

Remove copying and pasting in document templates to give time back to staff and reduce human error on important HR documents. Free up the HR team to focus on high complexity and high impact work.

Free Up The HR Team

Reduce time spent drafting documents and focus valuable expert time on high-value strategic work

legal document workflow automation

Reduce Turnaround Time

Provide quicker turnaround of HR documents by automating high volume and bespoke documents

legal workflow automation

Data-driven HR Function

Digitize HR workflows to enable more comprehensive reporting to reveal and diagnose potential HR issues

Enable the HR team to automate the generation of job descriptions

Utilize a no-code form builder that allows for complex rules and decision-tree logic to collect information and instantly generate job descriptions

Utilize bespoke document automation that is standardized & branded

Implement a base job description template to dynamically structure core position details (e.g. reporting structure, organisational level)

Facilitate the approval and review of job descriptions

Leverage HR workflow automation to facilitate peer review and add an extra layer of quality assurance across job descriptions

Utilize Checkbox's all-in-one system to fit your existing tech stack

Save time spent on retrieving data and re-keying information from multiple systems by leveraging Checkbox's integration capabilities

Realize the Power of HR Document Automation

document generation


hours saved per year

forms automation


minutes saved per document

decision support


weeks for deployment

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