People & HR Automation

HR Onboarding

Digitize and streamline the onboarding experience for
employees, HR and other business functions
Digitize and streamline the onboarding experience for employees, HR and other business functions

Automate the Onboarding Experience

Streamline and digitize the employee onboarding journey for new hires.
Automate manual HR work and free up the HR team to focus on high complexity and high impact work.

legal document workflow automation

Minimize Time Spent

Automate manual data entry to quickly access databases including past feedback & reviews


Improve Standardization

Build tailored, structured performance management processes to ensure consistency across the organization

legal workflow automation

Data-driven HR Function

Digitize HR workflows to enable more comprehensive reporting to reveal and diagnose potential HR issues

Bulk send onboarding packs with forms, contracts and more

Integrate with enterprise systems and utilize forms, e-signature and email workflows to streamline the onboarding experience

Facilitate the onboarding process for multiple divisions

Leverage parallel workflow automation to provide an effortless experience for divisions to complete their part of the onboarding process

Track the real-time status of the onboarding process using dashboards

Gain visibility over contract, e-signature and approval statuses, measure team impact and manage risk

Utilize Checkbox's all-in-one system to fit your existing tech stack

Save time spent on retrieving data and re-keying information from multiple systems by leveraging Checkbox's integration capabilities

Realize the Power of HR Workflow Automation

document generation


hours saved per year

forms automation


minutes saved per employee

decision support


weeks for deployment

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