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Meeting Minutes Automation

Streamline your meeting minutes process & facilitate task management

The Challenges

Organizations often have a de-centralized process for taking meeting minutes. This means that different teams have their own note-taking templates which are often stored locally on individual devices. This makes it difficult for managers to easily access previous meeting-minute documents or assign and track the status of tasks that have been actioned as a result of the meeting. This also means that managers do not have the ability to gather meaningful insights on meeting volumes and efficiency.  

How Checkbox Streamlines the Meeting Minutes Process

Challenges How does Checkbox address it?

Teams within the organization have their own meeting minute templates that are often stored locally on employee devices. This makes it difficult for team members and managers to make changes to the latest version of the document.

Checkbox’s seamless form-based user interface allows employees to take notes on a standardized template that is easily accessible via the company portal. Once the meeting minutes have been entered, the application automatically generates a document and emails it to relevant stakeholders, allowing them to approve or make changes to the document.  

Team members and management cannot assign actions from meeting minutes as tasks are usually documented in offline word docs.

Leveraging workflows, managers can automatically assign tasks to relevant employees and track the status of completion via a centralized dashboard. Employees informed of their tasks via automated emails and are to upload evidence of task completion, increasing visibility and accountability across the team.  

Management often has minimal visibility over meeting minute documents, the types of meetings being conductedand the frequency, preventing them from gathering valuable insights to improve team productivity.  

All meeting minute documents, insights and tasks can be easily and visually accessed with the Checkbox dashboard.  

With advanced filtering options, managers can also use meeting data to gather insights and drive efficiencies. 

Further, any data and documents generated can be sent to store in other document repository systems such as Google Drive, SharePoint, iManage, or NetDocuments.

Key Features


  • Gain visibility over meeting data

    Track the type and volume of meetings being held by every team to measure operational efficiency and status of tasks.

  • Improve accountability of tasks

    Enable team members and managers to automate the delegation of tasks and encourage them to upload evidence of task completion all on a centralized system.

  • Ensure compliance and consistency of meeting notes:

    Through rule-based generation of documents, the quality of notes produced is standardized, compliant-by-design and drives outcome.

  • Improve user experience:

    Team members do not need to fill out and save word documents anymore, instead, they can enter information into the meeting minutes app and have an automated document generated and sent to all revenant parties.

Common Integrations

How Checkbox Automates Meeting Minutes

1. Business users accesses the document from their company portal

Users can initiate the meeting minutes document via a URL embedded into the company’s employee portal. Agenda items are pre-filled into the application before the meeting.

2. Business users provide meeting notes using forms

Users are prompted to input details and notes throughout the meeting under each agenda item via a user-friendly form.

3. At the end of the meeting, all notes are automatically converted into a document

The document is sent to relevant parties with a Yes/No function, prompting the user to approve the document or make further changes.  

4. The assigned action items are directed to the right people via parallel workflows

Each person involved receives an email notification with the specific action which also prompts them to upload evidence once the action has been completed.

5. Managers can see an overview of meeting minutes in a centralized dashboard

A breakdown of which teams are having the most meetings, and any assigned or outstanding actions can be seen in the dashboard.

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