No-Code Automation

Law Firm Automation Software

Differentiate your law firm by providing greater value to your clients
and driving internal efficiency at scale with no code automation
Differentiate your law firm by providing greater value to your clients and driving internal efficiency at scale with no code automation

Use drag and drop to automate legal processes

Checkbox allows lawyers to build their own law firm automation software, enabling them to automate their legal operations. The no code drag-and-drop app builder allows users with zero technical background to quickly and independently develop & maintain this software. Clients can then access these tools at their own leisure & involve lawyers for more complex cases.

Practice Areas & Common Use Cases

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legal workflow automation

Improve Service Quality

Use automated tools with pre-defined logic to instantly provide expertise and advice for clients seeking legal expertise


Win and Retain Clients

Differentiate through value-adding solutions that enable you to build deeper relationships with your clients


Increase Revenue

Re-design low margin or fixed fee work into digital products that enable more scalable methods of generating fees

Law firm automation on a single, powerful, no-code platform

Smart Forms

Create dynamic forms to build form-based digital tools to share with clients

Document Automation

Generate ready-to-go documents in bulk, and styled in custom templates

Calculation Engine

Design complex rules/logic, including calculations & weighted scores


Audit trails track every user question, response, comment & actions


Automate end-to-end flow of work including approvals with comments and centralised tracking

No-Code Studio

Build solutions using drag-and-drop, without experience in coding

Flexible Deployment

Multiple deployment options to facilitate usage by your clients and your team


Track progress, and gain instant insights into customers, services & processes

Hear what customers have to say

“We love it. The Checkbox platform is easy to use, versatile and truly a very valued piece of technology in our organisation’s armoury. There are so many fantastic use cases which assist to addresses challenges for both the business and its clients. It is easy to use and the support is great.”
Natalie Rubinstein
Head of Knowledge, McCabe Curwood
We use Checkbox to manage workflow steps in some processes and to generate documents. We have found it easy to develop prototypes very quickly which helps keep the pace of innovation up in the firm. The Checkbox support team are fantastic.
Peter Campbell
Client Solutions Director, Hall & Wilcox

"We chose Checkbox for its ease of use and how it assists us effectively manage the time pressures we're constantly under for launching new and innovative products to market."

Caryn Sandler
Partner and Chief Knowledge & Innovation Officer, Gilbert + Tobin

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