No-Code App Solutions

Document Generation

Easily and rapidly automate processes from information intake to
bespoke document generation and e-signature, using only drag and drop
Easily and rapidly automate processes from information intake to bespoke document generation and e-signature, using only drag and drop

Create dynamic smart forms to populate documents

Use drag-and-drop to build dynamic smart forms which collect all the information necessary to automatically populate documents. You can also build-in data validation to generate accurate documents every time.

Generate ready-to-go bespoke documents along with e-signature

Automatically generate documents styled in your preferred template, where you can easily use our Word Add-In to minimise errors. Users can also easily sign using e-signature.

Automate your document generation with a single, powerful, no-code platform

Smart Forms

Build digital forms with conditional fields, data validation, and more

Bulk Processing

Quickly & easily generate documents in bulk by uploading a csv file


Conduct approvals including comments and centralised tracking


Audit trails track every question, response, comment and action


Use e-signature along with custom email messaging out of the box

Word Add-In

Use our Word add-in to easily insert tags while minimising errors

Drag and Drop

Quickly and easilly build solutions using drag-and-drop: no coding


Work seamlessly across the Checkbox platform and your other tools

See how Checkbox can transform your team


Minimise Errors

Improve accuracy, standardisation, and compliance with systemised knowledge


Reduce Turnaround Time

Get to outcomes quicker with self-service document automation and workflow


Refocus Your Team

Reduce time spent drafting documents and focus teams on high-value work

Hear what customers have to say

"Compared to competitors, Checkbox hit the right balance between capability and ease of use for non-IT app builders, and is flexible to handle process changes without needing to re-engage the vendor. Checkbox is an excellent platform and we receive excellent support from the Checkbox team, who are very responsive to feedback.
I don’t think there’s any other solution you can build a fully-functioning piece of software in an hour. And that’s amazing. As a more modern platform, the simplicity of building apps in Checkbox was evident. The Checkbox platform creates this new mentality in our business about continual improvement in our client services.
"We found the Checkbox platform far better than the alternative solutions because of the usability and speed. It’s intuitive to use and you can change things in a matter of seconds. Checkbox is really quite limitless – it can be designed to fit whatever process, system or design requirements you have, and that is the beauty of it.

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