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Claims Workflow & Approval

Facilitate and streamline the claims process whilst improving customer experience

The Challenges

Despite the myriad of processes and policies put in place, sometimes, things just go wrong. And that happens – but when they do, customers are at the forefront of the business’ concerns. Especially for customers who rely on the organisation’s products and services for their day-to-day. In situations like this, we must ensure that they are compensated appropriately and fairly for both them, and the business. However, the process for receiving and processing these claims can be inefficient, involving back-and-forth rounds of communication to understand how they have been impacted and the eligible claimant amount. All this usually requires the expertise and approval of multiple people, and when unstandardised, exposes the business to unnecessary risk.

How Checkbox Solves Claims Workflow & Approval

Challenges How does Checkbox address it?

The manual collection of information (e.g., severity and circumstances of the claim) is time-consuming, often consisting of back-and-forth email chains and ad-hoc phone calls. 

Checkbox’s no code platform uses complex rules and decision-tree logic to empower external parties to self-qualify their eligibility for a claim, without requiring the legal team’s input. 

The process of reaching a claimant amount that is agreeable and fair for both customers and the business requires expert decisioning from select few people, potentially creating a bottleneck. 

Checkbox’s smart, dynamic forms provide a great user experience when capturing information from external parties whilst also creating a centralized place to collect and store information for future reference.

Depending on the claimant amount, multiple reviews and approvals may be required. Business users are often unsure of when and who to request approval from, increasing a layer of risk if the appropriate approval is not complete. 

Seamless workflow facilitates and centralizes the back-and-forth comments and approvals between the customer, external and internal legal team, and accounting team. 

Customers may have little visibility over the status of their claimant, giving a poor user experience. 

Automatic email notifications can be triggered upon the claim being moved through the stages. 

Claims may not be centralized, creating difficulty when overseeing the total claim amount and any trends that could indicate larger problems.

Checkbox dashboards allow the real-time status of each claim to be tracked. Total claim amounts, month on month can be visualized for better analytics. 

Key Features


  • Improve Compliance

    Standardizing the process and centralizing all decisions made ensures the process is being followed with clear audit trails.

  • Allow the Legal Team to Focus on High Value Tasks

    Automatically triage ineligible claims and only spend time reviewing claims that already have all the relevant information required to decide on the claimant amount.

  • Improve Maintainability

    Through the no-code App builder, the solution can be easily built and modified for any policy change, without requiring the help of IT.

  • Oversee All Requests and the Information Shared

    Track the claim across the approval stages through the Checkbox dashboard and gain visibility over the type of claims made.

See how our customer, Coca-Cola Amatil, transformed their legal processes here.​


How Does Checkbox Automate This?

1. External parties can lodge a claim through a public URL

A URL can be embedded on your company website or portal for users to lodge a claim

2. Automatically triage ineligible RFIs to only see requests that need to be actioned

Leverage complex decision-tree logic, built by drag-and-drop, that works effortlessly in the background to determine the eligibility of the RFI.

3. Automatically assess the level of risk of the RFI and notify the correct approver for review

Based on the type of RFI, approval level can be escalated to a more senior member of staff for their review before the information is shared. 

4. Upon approval and sharing of information, Checkbox can automatically send uploaded data or files to other third-party systems.

Centralize the information provided and decisions made in existing tools.

5. Track the end-to-end RFI process through the Checkbox dashboard

The real-time status of the RFI and any data or files uploaded can be viewed in a centralized place for auditing or analysis purposes. 

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