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Case Generation

Productize processes and re-tool service lines to generate cases from customers

The Challenges

Clients recognize the value of a lawyer’s technical skill and experience and are willing to pay for the application of this to help guide commercial decisions, manage risk, enforce rights, and pursue opportunitiesHowever, they must feel confident that the sticker price of the service reflects the most efficient and effective application of resources to provide the value delivered. But oftentimes the process of assuring the client by gathering client information through multiple phone calls and emails, and providing bespoke advice is non-billable time that aims to qualify and convert a lead but does not guarantee work. To bridge this gap, between giving customers bespoke advice, and qualifying potential leads that will generate revenue, law firms have been leveragintechnology.

How Checkbox Solves Case Generation

Challenges How does Checkbox address it?

The manual collection of information (e.g., type of client, situational information, proof of evidence) is time-consumingoften consisting of back-and-forth email chains and ad-hoc phone calls.

Smart, dynamic forms provide a great user experience when capturing information from external parties whilst also creating a centralized place to collect and store information for future reference.

Understanding the situation enough to provide bespoke advice is time-consuming and doesn’t guarantee the customer will stay on.

Complex decision-tree logic and automated document generation allows bespoke preliminary advice to be generated without a lawyer’s time. Client details can then be forwarded to lawyers who can engage the client with all the right information.

Clients want a quick turnaround on response times and advice, but firms are currently limited by lawyer availability and time zone.

24-7 self-serve tools are made available on the firm’s website, incentivizing those in other geographical locations to contact the law firm, broadening the client base to other countries as well.

Qualifying leads to understand whether the firm is best placed to provide advice, and who should be on the case is often an unstandardized process. 

Checkbox leverages decision-tree logic, including calculations and weighted scoring to assess the qualification of the lead, and correctly identifies the appropriate lawyer for the case.

It's often unclear which complex cases require the expertise of a senior lawyer, and the cases passed onto them may lack the appropriate details, leading to their time being spent gathering client information.

Fields that capture information on Checkbox automatically validate the type of information received and centralizes it to pass onto senior lawyers. Seamless workflow based on pre-determined business logic facilitates and centralizes the back-and-forth review and comments by senior lawyers.

Often, there is no central place to review all cases and customer enquiries, limiting the firm’s understanding of what clients really need. 

Checkbox dashboards centralize all information that customers provide, allowing analytics to gain valuable insight into the types of cases and its details.

Key Features


  • Protect your lawyer’s time & allow them to focus on high value billable tasks

    Automatically collect customer information without sacrificing on their user experience and only spend time on cases that already have the relevant information.

  • Maximize the outcome from client engagements

    Have all the client’s information at hand already to provide more value in the first few meetings

  • Improve maintainability

    Through the no-code app builder, the solution can be easily built and modified for any policy and process change, without requiring the help of IT.

  • Oversee all cases and the information shared

    Gain visibility over all the potential cases coming through the firm to really understand customer needs so the firm’s service can be tailored for the client base.

Case Study

When completing an unfair dismissal application, all inquiries are completely manual, requiring lawyers to complete the discovery and interview process manually. Typically, this kind of process is a huge waste of time for lawyers because inquiries are incomplete, and clients generally don’t know how to instruct their lawyers or describe their problem. To resolve this issue our client built a Checkbox app, made available on their public website for self-serve preliminary assessments which guided clients to answer the right questions. This saved the law firm 4 hours of work per applicant and improved acquisition from 8 to 60 per month. 

Generate cases even faster with our Unfair Dismissal Claim App Template.


How Does Checkbox Automate This?

1. External parties can begin providing their details through a public URL

A URL can be embedded inside the company portal, or iFrame can enable users to access the tool while staying inside the portal.

2. Automatically assess the situation and ask for the relevant information

Leverage complex decision-tree logic, built by drag-and-drop, to prompt users to provide details with a user-friendly form.

3. Automatically provide preliminary advice indicating the outcome with further contact details to the correct lawyer from the firm

Based on the information provided, a preliminary outcome is generated for the customer’s benefit. Further details will require engaging with the firm.

4. Upon notifying the lawyer of this new customer, Checkbox can facilitate the Conflict of Interest check process and update 3rd party databases

Centralize customer details in existing tools, minimizing the time required for finding the necessary information and reducing human error for any documents or advice generated.

5. Track all the requests through the Checkbox dashboard

Customer details and uploaded documents can be viewed in a centralized location, enabling analytics to understand the types of cases and customer needs.

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