Checkbox Announces Latest No-Code Workflow Integration With Salesforce

January 19, 2023
This latest out-of-the-box integration will allow users to connect their workflows and documents seamlessly with Salesforce.

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San Francisco, Calif. - January 19, 2023 – Checkbox, a leading no-code workflow automation platform, today announced it has released an integration that will allow users to connect their workflows and documents seamlessly with Salesforce. Users can now integrate their Salesforce account with Checkbox using a single click, enabling the passing of data and documents between the two systems.

One key use case of this integration is allowing sales and legal teams to get deals done quicker by accelerating the creation, approval, and signing of contracts. Instead of manually requesting contracts from legal, sales can initiate a request from directly in Salesforce. Account and Opportunity record data from Salesforce is used to automatically generate the required agreement which can then be worked towards a final version using Checkbox’s Document Redlining feature. Together with Checkbox’s integration with DocuSign and Adobe Sign, users can send, sign, and approve contracts faster. Once signed, Checkbox can automatically update fields back in Salesforce and attach the executed copy to Salesforce Files or other document repository systems.

Beyond increasing deal velocity, the Salesforce-to-Checkbox integration also eliminates duplicative data entry and administrative work for sales and legal teams, and ensures that data quality and consistency is maintained across systems. This unlocks efficiencies in the process as well as improved compliance as important record-keeping tasks such as ensuring signed contracts are stored properly are no longer reliant on trained habit. This integration also seeks to help build stronger relationships across business functions by working together with widely used technology tools such as Salesforce.

The new integration with Salesforce is an expansion in the growing out-of-the-box integrations of the Checkbox ecosystem with additional software like LawVu, Xakia, DocuSign, and AdobeSign, allowing teams to seamlessly integrate their workflows with their existing tools.

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