Checkbox Supercharges No-Code Workflow Engine with Document Negotiation Feature

September 14, 2022
Leading no code platform, Checkbox, expands its document automation feature set with the addition of in-platform document review and negotiation.

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September 14, 2022 – Checkbox, the leading no-code service automation platform, is introducing in-platform negotiating to complement its existing document generation, workflow and e-signature capabilities.

“More than 80% of our customers and prospects begin their digital transformation journey through the automation of high-volume, low strategic value documents like NDAs and remuneration letters,” said Co-Founder and CEO, Evan Wong.

Having successfully automated several contracts using Checkbox’s do-it-yourself platform, Julie Johnson of Align Technology, sees negotiation as the final frontier for teams managing documents. “While contract generation and signing are easily automatable, the industry standard for document negotiation is still Microsoft Word and lengthy email chains,” said the Senior Legal Operations Manager.

“As a result, the negotiation process is the most inefficient part of our current contract management, with manual tracking and version reconciliation creating hours of administrative overhead for our team.”

Recognizing the incumbency of the ‘Word and email’ approach to negotiation inspired Wong’s team to create an intuitive and inclusive feature. “Our in-platform editor lets users review, compare and markup their documents without leaving Checkbox,” said Wong. “However, those preferring to work in Word can continue to do so, with Checkbox dynamically ingesting uploaded documents.”

Conveniently, this allows Checkbox to support the review of third-party documents in addition to those generated on Checkbox, with users or counterparties simply uploading the relevant files to Checkbox. The biggest efficiencies, however, come from automated version management. The negotiation feature automatically collates and organizes versions so that every stakeholder has access to the latest document, and all the relevant history.

Taken together with the platform’s existing document generation, dynamic workflow engine, out-of-the-box e-signature integrations and real-time reporting, Wong is confident that in-platform negotiation creates an unparalleled document management experience.

“This will ease the admin burden of document lifecycle management in a way that’s compliant and transparent by design, freeing up teams of all shapes and sizes to focus on higher-value strategic initiatives.”

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