Checkbox 2022 Year-In-Review

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2022 was an exciting and successful year for us here at Checkbox! From increasing our global footprint, hiring teams and establishing offices around the world, to innovating our product further, we continued to deliver value to our customers through no-code automation.  

2022 Highlights

Here at Checkbox, we are so proud at the strides our team has made to further innovations of the no-code and workflow automation world. While 2023 has so much in store for us, we wanted to take some time and reflect on the amazing work we have accomplished in 2022.  

Pre-Series Funding 💰

Checkbox raises $6.3 million from Sequoia India’s Surge & Tidal Ventures

In January, Checkbox announced a $4.5 million USD Series A funding round as it looked to amplify its local footprint and expand international operations. The round was led by Sequoia India’s rapid scale-up program, Surge, and Australia’s Tidal Ventures.

Evan Wong, Co-Founder and CEO at Checkbox, said, “Since entering the market three years ago, we have helped organizations in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, and the US restore hundreds of thousands of hours in productivity. Our customers have used the Checkbox platform to create thousands of apps and automate hundreds of thousands of processes and documents, all without writing a single line of code.”

“The funding from Sequoia India’s Surge and Tidal enables us to accelerate our go-to-market strategy to amplify consistently high growth, retention and customer expansion we’ve experienced in the last few years and scale our team to cater to the demand we’re seeing in markets abroad,” said Wong. “We have a product that is globally applicable and segment agnostic in the high-growth no-code technology space, representing an extraordinarily vast market opportunity.”

With our funding round, we were able to expand our global team and hire new team members in the US, Singapore and Malaysia to further develop and innovate the Checkbox platform.  

Amazing New Customers

We are excited to share the amazing customers who joined Checkbox in empowering their teams to build digital solutions for their organizations. We strive to enable teams to better manage and scale their services to improve access, value, and speed, for the business. At Checkbox, our customers are at the core of what we do and who we are, and we want to celebrate our new customers who decided to innovative their legal teams with no-code workflow automation. Customers we welcomed to the Checkbox platform include:  

  • Danone – Danone is a multinational food-products corporation with a brand portfolio of international brands across the USA, UK, France and more.
  • Telefónica – Telefónica, a multinational telecommunications company with its headquarters in Spain and is one of the largest telephone operators and mobile network providers in the world.
  • SITA – SITA is a multinational information technology company providing IT and telecommunication services to the air transport industry. Around the world, nearly every passenger flight relies on SITA technology.
  • Glencore – Glencore is a Swiss multinational commodity trading and mining company and is the world's largest commodity trader.  

Racking Up the Awards

At Checkbox, we are constantly revolutionizing the way we do business, whether it’s no-code or company culture. From our platform to customer success to company culture and leadership, we won big in 2022! Here are some of the awards we won in the last year:  

Exciting New Platform Features ⚙️

We added a variety of exciting and innovative platform updates to Checkbox in 2022! From new product capabilities, integrations to feature improvements, we were busy creating for our customers and living up to being the best workflow automation tool. Here are our new additions to the platform from 2022:  

  • In-platform Document Negotiation: This feature allows Checkbox to support the review of third-party documents in addition to those generated on Checkbox. The negotiation feature automatically collates and organizes versions so that every stakeholder has access to the latest document, and all the relevant history. Taken together with the platform’s existing document generation, dynamic workflow engine, out-of-the-box e-signature integrations and real-time reporting, this ability for in-platform negotiation creates an unparalleled document management experience.
  • Integration with Xakia & LawVu: These integrations were an expansion in the growing out-of-the-box integrations in the Checkbox ecosystem. The integration empowers legal functions to automate the creation of legal matters within the Checkbox platform using just drag & drop and streamlines the flow of intake data to their matter management workspace.  
  • Multi-Language Support: With a growing global customer base, we added multi-language support, so Checkbox now supports all languages in document generation, rich text content and logic evaluation.
  • Self-Serve SSO: With this new feature, you can now set up and configure a single sign-on between Checkbox and your own identity provider in a self-service manner.
  • Improved Dashboards: We have introduced a host of improvements aimed at allowing Dashboards to act as the main way for your end users to interact with your Checkbox solutions. Improvements to Dashboards include the ability to:  
  • ✨ Start Apps or requests directly within Dashboards
  • 🖥️ Embed and share Dashboards via URL
  • ⚙️ Create tailored Dashboards for different stakeholder groups
  • 💠 Create dashboard widgets seamlessly

Journey to the US ✈️

As part of our global expansion, the US was a core market for Checkbox to increase its footprint. The no-code workflow automation space – especially within legal, proved to be exciting.

Throughout our time in the US, are highlights were that we:  

  • Partnered with UpLevel Ops' Brian Hupp and former Legal Operations at Facebook, Dolby, and Electronic Arts in a virtual chat/commentary on Decoding the Future of Legal Workflow Automation.
  • Conducted a lively roundtable with Jen McCarron from Netflix on Becoming a LegalOps Rockstar with Low/No Code Workflow Automation.
  • Talked with Julie Johnson and Ansel Halliburton from Align Technology on their Legal Ops Journey with Checkbox and Workflow Automation.  
  • Joined and partnered with the LINK legal ops community
  • Attended and partnered with events including Legalweek, CLOC, Consero, ACC, ALM General Counsel Conference, LINK-Up, ILTACON and Artificial Lawyer’s Legal Innovators.
  • Held a private Legal Ops event during CLOC with Netflix’s Jen McCarron and Meta’s Rajan Gupta on sharing their best practices for implementing no/low-code workflow automation.
  • Additionally, the team also traveled to Las Vegas to participate in CLOC (Corporate Legal Operations Consortium) Global Institute. The team’s presence at CLOC was a memorable one with our Monopoly-themed Checkbox floorboard and live legal workflow automation demos.  

We were also so honored to hold a session at CLOC with Jennifer McCarron from Netflix and Rajan Gupta from Meta as they shared their best practices for implementing no/low code workflow automation at Netflix, Meta, and their past lives in legal operations.

First Ever Global Company Off-site 🙌

In July, we held our first ever global company offsite at Checkbox! 🎊🎉

With our expanding team, it was important that we bring together team members from across the globe to our Sydney headquarters to discuss company-wide strategy, participate in cross-team collaboration and of course, celebrate in true Checkbox fashion with our food-driven end-of-financial year party.  

We were able to come together to create a stronger company, a more innovative robust product and develop creative solutions to better serve our customers.  

Employees were not the only ones who participated in this exciting event. Customers and Checkbox partners were also in attendance to share their positive experiences with Checkbox and lend us words of encouragement to continue and help our customers succeed!  

Our special guests included Peter Dombkins (PwC Australia) & Sandy Luu (University of Technology Sydney) who came to our offsite in person to share your positive experiences with Checkbox! Scott Smalley (Telstra), Julie Johnson (Align Technology), Holly Reimer (Woolworths Group), Daniel Chan and James Chan (Verlata Consulting), Josh Synan (BlueScope), Jorden Lam (HESTA) & Erin Kanygin (Gilbert + Tobin) also joined us virtually for the Checkbox celebration.

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