Checkbox Support Policy

Checkbox Support Policy

Effective starting: 27 April 2020

Checkbox Support Tiers

Support Requests1 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
   Self-help Knowledge Base
   In-platform Support Widget
   Email ([email protected])
Hours of Availability 9/62 9/62 L1: 24/7

L2, L3, L4: 9/62

Included Tickets3 per month 4 30 Unlimited
Initial Response Times4 L1 – Platform Down 2 Hr 1 Hr 1 Hr
L2 – Serious Degradation 6 Hr 4 Hr 2 Hr
L3 – Moderate Impact 2 Business Days 1 Business Day 1 Business Day
L4 – Limited Impact 2 Business Days 2 Business Days 2 Business Days
Customer Success Manager5

  • Direct Phone
  • Direct Email
Issue & Feature Request Priority Low Middle High

1Support Requests: Issues or questions raised by you through any of the listed Channels above.

29/6 Support: Hours of coverage include 9AM – 6PM from Monday through Friday, Australian Eastern Time (AET); or 9AM – 6PM from Monday through Friday, Eastern Time (ET).

3Tickets: Tickets are Support Requests that have been submitted via the In-platform Support Widget or Self-help Knowledge Base and have been flagged as a Ticket on the form. Each Ticket includes 1 hour of services. Further time spent to resolve the ticket may be charged out at AUD 200/hr. This does not apply to Tickets where the issue is technical in nature and was caused by Checkbox. Additional Tickets may be charged out at AUD 200 per ticket.

4Initial Response Times: Checkbox will use commercially reasonable efforts to meet the target initial response times for the applicable Severity Level. Checkbox commits to delivering to these target initial response times for Tickets only (Ticket Response Time Commitment).

5Customer Success Manager (CSM): An assigned Checkbox contact who is available to provide direct support on technical, product & design enquiries via email, call and when commercially reasonable, on-site visits.

Support Includes

Incident Support
  • Can’t access the platform
  • Loss of performance or functionality
Platform & feature support
  • How to add users & change user roles?
  • How to deploy apps?
  • How do I change the default Dashboard?
  • I want to report a bug
Implementation & configuration guidance
  • I am trying to set up this workflow to assign this form to this user, how do I do that?
  • I am getting this error message when trying to build X and I’m not sure why, can you help me?
Feature requests
  • Will X feature be supported? If so, when?

Support Does Not Include

End user support (when users need help using Apps that have been built)
  • How do I access the NDA generator?
  • How do I use X app?
  • How do I see my completed assessments?
  • What type of information do I input into X form?
  • There is an error with X app, the result I’m getting is incorrect
  • I’m running into a dead end when I do X, can you help me?
Solution support services
  • Can Checkbox maintain X solution for us?
Training services
  • Can you provide training for X users on how to use the studio?
Support for third parties
  • My customers are using an App I built for them, can you help?
Hands-on implementation
  • Can you set up my users, roles and permissions?
  • Can you set up Project Teams for X solution?
  • Can you build for us?
  • Can you implement this change for us?

Definition of Severity Levels

Level 1 Critical issue that severely impacts or prevents use of the service. The situation halts business operations and no procedural workaround exists.

  • Service is down & not available
  • Critical data corrupted or lost
Level 2 Significant degradation to performance or functionality, impacting a large number of users
Level 3 Platform issue that has a moderate impact to the business
Level 4 Question or issue with a limited impact to the business

Uptime Commitment

During the term for which Checkbox has agreed to provide you access to the Checkbox Platform, Checkbox commits to use commercially reasonable efforts to provide the corresponding Monthly Uptime Percentage6 according to the hosting arrangement as specified in your Order (Uptime Commitment).

Multi-tenant environment 99.5%
Single-tenant environment 99.9%

Monthly Uptime Percentage: The percentage of time per month during which your Checkbox instance is up as measured by our monitoring & logging infrastructure.


Our Uptime Commitment and our Ticket Response Time Commit together form our Service Level Commitment.

Service Credit Points

If we confirm that there is a failure to meet our Service Level Commitment, you may request Service Credit Points for this failure within 15 days of when it was first identified and not later. To receive Service Credit Points (SCP), you must send an email to [email protected] with the subject ‘Service Credit Point Request’, containing the details of the corresponding failure.

SCPs are issued according to the following table.

Uptime Commitment 100 per percentage point down to 90%
200 per percentage point below 90
Ticket Response Time Commitment Level 1 200
Level 2 150
Level 3 100
Level 4 50


SCPs will entitle you to a reduction of future payments under your Order. SCPs are calculated at the end of the month according to the following table, and are reset to 0 for the subsequent month.

Total SCP in Month % of Monthly Licence Fee Reduction
0 – 250 0%
250 – 400 5%
Each 50 SCP after Additional 1%

Service Credits are your sole and exclusive remedy, and our sole and exclusive liability, for our failure to meet our Service Level Commitments.



Checkbox works with service partners who can provide managed support tailored to your needs. Enquire with your Account Manager or Customer Success Manager if you are interested.