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Reference Collector

Consolidate all references while tracking the entire process end-to-end
Consolidate all references while tracking the entire process end-to-end

Automate Reference Collection Without Code

Automate the workflow across to the referees and consolidate consistent information all in single location. Gain maximum visibility of reference statuses and manage the reassignment of referees.


Increase Visibility

Monitor and track the progress of the referee statuses quickly in one location

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Reduce Turnaround Time

Automatically notify the relevant referees internally and/or externally to kick off or reject the reference request

legal workflow automation

Standardized information

Include only the relevant fields to build a standard form to collect consistent information

Build a centralized reference collection portal

Kick off, manage, and monitor the reference collection process end-to-end all in a single location

Generate a standard form that ensures the consistency of information

Allow for the collection of references using a no-code form builder and store or re-use the consolidated information through databases

Track the real-time status of references and draw insights using dashboards

Gain visibility over referee statuses to monitor the progress and audit trail of the entire reference collection process

Utilize Checkbox's all-in-one system to fit your existing tech stack

Save time spent on retrieving data and re-keying information from multiple systems by leveraging Checkbox's integration capabilities

Realize the Power of Reference Collector

document generation


hours saved per year

forms automation


days saved per reference

decision support


weeks for deployment

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