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Financial Report Generator

Generate bespoke & compliant-by-design financial reports within a fraction of the time

The Challenges

The manual process of writing financial reports is often time-consuming and highly prone to human error or inconsistencies. Collecting the information required to produce the reports also involves many back-and-forth communications via email and phone calls with various parties where the data is re-keyed into multiple systems for record-keeping and report creation. The type of finance information required is usually determined by ever-changing financial regulations and company-wide policies, leading to the re-training of staff and updating of existing document templates.

How Checkbox Solves Financial Report Generation

Challenges How does Checkbox address it?

Collecting financial  information to create documents often involve many back-and-forth communications via emails and phone calls, leading to a long turn-around time.  

Checkbox builds in smart, intuitive forms with complex rules and decision-tree logic, to ensure all customer information is captured and in the correct format. 
Customer details can be automatically checked for compliance against third-party databases. 

High risk of human error from manually creating documents, and non-compliance if the incorrect, or an outdated template is used. 

The generation of documents is automated by populating an underlying master template which is compliant by design. 
These documents are automatically customised and can feature: 
1. Conditional clauses – only the relevant clauses are inserted into the document and numbered automatically. 
2. Dynamic tables to structure information in rows and columns that are adjusted automatically to the content. 

Manual look up and rekeying of data from multiple sources, such as CRM systems is time-consuming, repetitive and prone to human error. 

Support regulatory compliance by minimising the chance of human error and retrieving data automatically from various systems including Salesforce & other ERP systems through REST API. 

As financial policies change, staff need to be re-trained on new regulations and processes, and document templates need to be manually updated. 

Checkbox empowers business experts to independently codify financial policies into the solution without having to write code. The Apps can be built from scratch with unique requirements in mind and can be quickly customised if processes or rules change, without needing to consume IT’s time. 

Minimal visibility on the status of the document generation for internal staff. 

Each document and the status can be tracked on a centralized Checkbox dashboard with an out-of-the-box audit trail attached. 
Generated documents are all stored in Checkbox and can be sent to store in other document repository systems such as SharePoint and Salesforce. 

Key Features


  • Shortening the time for the finance team to generate documents empowers them to focus on high value strategic work

    Providing an intuitive, self-service tool for customers and the finance team reduces the time taken to collect customer details and generate documents.

  • Eliminate contract errors and maintain compliance

    By using compliant-by-design standard templates which are on-brand, human-errors are eliminated and greater compliance is achieved.

  • Improve maintainability

    Through no-code, the logic and document template can be easily modified for any financial policy changes.

  • Oversee the document status

    Track the document across the stages of its lifecycle process through the Checkbox dashboard. Finalized documents are automatically directed to the repository of choice.

What’s the Return on Investment?

On average, with Checkbox, the finance team saves 2 hours* through streamlining the entire end-to-end journey. By assuming that 1,000 documents are generated per year, 2,000 hours from the finance team can be used to re-focus on higher priority work.  

* Dependent on the document size


How Does Checkbox Automate This?

1. The finance team can access the self-serve tool from the finance team’s portal

A URL can be embedded inside the company portal, or iFrame can enable users to access the tool while staying inside the portal.

2. Finance specialists provide information for the document

Smart forms with on-screen guidance enables a self-serve but intuitive experience for finance specialists to provide necessary information to create the document, e.g., name, address and date.

3. Checkbox automatically retrieves information from other systems

Information from ERP, CRM, SCM systems, such as customer details, finance data can be retrieved to be used in document generation.

4. Checkbox automatically generates the bespoke document

Compliant-by-design documents are created inside Checkbox based on the information provided, and in-built complex decisioning logic including calculations and weighted scoring.

5. Checkbox automates the decisioning process

Built in decisioning logic to determine whether an approver is needed, and which level of approval is required from selected stakeholders from the finance team.

6. Checkbox can automatically store signed documents in other document systems

Signed documents are sent to store in central document repositories such as SharePoint, Salesforce and other ERP systems.

7. Track the end-to-end lifecycle of the document through the Checkbox dashboard

The real-time status of the document can be viewed across nominated stakeholders and finalised documents are automatically stored in central document repositories.

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