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Delegation of Authority

Digitize complex approvals are operationalized using automation

The Challenges

Enterprise contracts often require multiple stakeholders to review and approve before executing. Complex rules for determining the appropriate approvers are often outlined in a Delegation of Authority guide. The work of interpreting these complex rules, however, are often left to the business user, resulting in and long, confusing and frustrating client experience. Organizations face the risk of business users spending time either misapplying approval rules, or engaging the incorrect approvers. This results in legal teams having to spend time helping the business navigate the delegation of authority framework.

How Checkbox Solves Delegation of Authority

Challenges How does Checkbox address it?

Business users often need to read through and interpret complex documentation to determine who is able to authorise their request.

Checkbox transforms the Delegation of Authority documentation into an interactive questionnaire that determines which approver the business user needs to seek approval. This removes the burden of interpretation from business users. 

Business users often require approval from multiple parties, resulting in long turnaround times on approvals. 

Checkbox automates workflow approvals, ensuring only the relevant approval parties are engaged. These approvals are triggered automatically as emails and provide options for the approvers to approve via email, or requests send back to business users with comments. 

Legal teams spending time helping business users navigate the delegation of authority framework, for which documentation already exists. 

Using drag-and-drop, Checkbox enables legal teams to digitise their Delegation of Authority frameworks and build in logic, automating away the need for business users to use legal team resources to navigate the Delegation of Authority.

When a change in organization structure occurs, the underlying rules of the DoA framework is adjusted. There is a high level of risk that business users do not follow the appropriate approval channels. 

Checkbox’s no-code studio makes it simple for non-I.T. users (e.g. legal teams) to rapidly adjust the underlying business rules of their Delegation of Authority App. 

Key Features


  • Faster turn-around time of approvals

    Enables business users to navigate potentially complex approval, seamlessly be connected with the relevant approvers, and ultimately get to a quicker, complaint approval outcome in automated solution.

  • Reduce risk in the business – improve compliance

    Automates away the tedious manual work of interpreting complex rules from business users.

  • Improve maintainability

    Enables non-I.T. users, such as legal teams, to rapidly update Delegation of Authority rules using Checkbox’s intuitive drag and drop studio.

  • Reduce time spent on low value work by legal teams

    Automates the navigation of complex Delegation of Authority rules, enabling business users to self-serve, saving time for the legal team that would have been spent on assisting the business.

  • Improve business' experience

    Eliminates the frustrating experience of determining the appropriate approvers, and following them up to get documents executed.


How Does Checkbox Automate This?

1. Upload contracts into Checkbox for review

Checkbox enables business users to seamlessly kick off the Delegation of Authority process by uploading their contracts to a single platform.

2. Navigate complex Delegation of Authority rules via simple interactive forms

Business users answer a series of simple questions on interactive forms to determine which approvers need to sign off on their document.

3. Automate workflows to the appropriate approvers

Leveraging the DoA’s business rules, Checkbox notifies via email and forward contracts to the relevant approvers.

4. Automatically track and send the contract to relevant parties with requests to e-sign

Both business users and their clients follow the DocuSign or AdobeSign experience to quickly and easily sign the document. Upon signature, the documents are automatically directed to the repository of choice.

5. Track real time status on a live dashboard

Business users can easily track the status of their contracts on a live dashboard.

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