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Separation Agreement

Rapidly generate bespoke termination letters and
provide a seamless transition experience for your employees
Rapidly generate bespoke termination letters and provide a seamless transition experience for your employees

Key Features

  • Letter Generation

    Enables the HR department to generate their own simple separation agreement, without having to engage a lawyer.

  • E-signature

    Facilitates the e-signature process for business users, ensuring documents can be automatically signed as a pdf.

  • Workflow Automation

    Flags complex separation situations and automatically workflows them to a right lawyer.


  • Reduce turnaround time

    Save roughly 1-3 business days in turnaround time by removing the need for lawyers to chase up HR for additional information.

  • Generate faster outcomes for business users

    HR teams can self serve separation agreements instantly without having to wait on work from lawyers.

How Does Checkbox Automate This?

1. Collect all the necessary information using dynamic smart forms

Use dynamic smart forms to collect all the information you need to automatically populate separation agreements. Harness conditional content and on-screen tips for an intuitive end-user experience, and build in data validation to boost accuracy.

2. Automatically generate separation agreements without engaging a lawyer

You can use Checkbox’s Word Add-In to create document templates. These are then automatically populated with information processed via smart forms to generate separation agreements.

3. Facilitate e-signature

Automatically send documents to be digitally signed by the relevant people. Checkbox integrates with e-signature such as Docusign and Adobe sign out-of-the-box to facilitate the signing of documents.

4. Escalate separation agreements to a lawyer if necessary

Use built-in decision logic to identify complexity and determine if it is necessary to engage a lawyer before automatically triaging the agreement to a relevant lawyer.

5. Centrally track progress and view data using dashboards

Gain data across all agreements and view their current status in real-time.

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