Legal Contract Generation

NDA Automation

Generate Non-Disclosure Agreements from an intuitive digital
questionnaire and facilitate the approval and signature process
Generate Non-Disclosure Agreements from an intuitive digital questionnaire and facilitate the approval and signature process

Key Features

  • User Self-service

    Using NDA automation, this enables business users to generate their own non-disclosure agreement when engaging external parties, without having to engage a lawyer.

  • E-signature

    Checkbox facilitates the e-signature process for business users, ensuring documents can be automatically signed as a pdf.

  • Send & Store Documents

    Our NDA automation software stores all NDAs that are signed, and also facilitates the ability to send signed documents to a central sharepoint email that the legal team has set up to centralize legal documents.


  • Generate accurate documents every time:

    Put together the correct agreement and validate error prone inputs such as the company number against the corresponding legal entity.

  • Track, search and manage easily:

    Use our search enabled dashboard to easily track the status of each document you are looking for.

  • Enable faster execution:

    Provide the business with 24/7 access to ready to sign agreement which can be returned faster than ever using out native e-signature integration.

How Does Checkbox Automate NDAs?

1. Collect all the necessary information using smart forms

Use dynamic smart forms to collect all the information you need to automatically populate your NDA. Harness conditional content and on-screen tips for an intuitive end-user experience, and build in data validation to boost accuracy.

2. Pull information from other sources

Increase efficiency and accuracy by pulling information from other sources. For example, information about the counterparty can be automatically populated after the end-user inputs their ABN.

3. Automatically generate bespoke NDA documents

You can use Checkbox’s Word Add-In to create document templates. These are then automatically populated with information processed via smart forms to automate NDAs.

4. Facilitate e-signature

Checkbox’s NDA automation platform integrates with e-signature tools like DocuSign and Adobe Sign out-of-the-box to facilitate the signature process for NDAs and ensure that they are signed by the right people.

5. Centrally track progress and view data using dashboards

Gain data across all NDAs and view their current status in real-time.

Hear what customers have to say

Through automating our processes, we’ve saved over 6,000 hours per annum across all the apps we’ve developed. Our lawyers spend less time on menial tasks and more time on things that require their skills and expertise, and they get to spend more face-to-face time with business stakeholders to meet business deliverables.
"Compared to competitors, Checkbox hit the right balance between capability and ease of use for non-IT app builders, and is flexible to handle process changes without needing to re-engage the vendor. Checkbox is an excellent platform and we receive excellent support from the Checkbox team, who are very responsive to feedback."
We found the Checkbox platform far better than the alternative solutions because of the usability and speed. It’s intuitive to use and you can change things in a matter of seconds. Checkbox is really quite limitless – it can be designed to fit whatever process, system or design requirements you have, and that is the beauty of it.

NDA Automation In Action

Access our NDA App Template or see it in action now