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Copyright Licence Generator

Provide a copyright licence creator to customers to generate new sources of revenue

Key Features

  • New Revenue Source

    Customers purchase the one-time use of the Copyright Licence Generator from your organization’s website.

  • Smart Forms

    Provide an intuitive user experience for customers to enter information, with smart forms and on-screen guidance.

  • Conflict-Of-Interest Checks

    Complete a Conflict-Of-Interest check against existing CRM databases.

  • Bespoke Licence Generator

    Automatically generate and send bespoke copyright licences to the customer.


  • Lead Generation

    Gain customers effortlessly through the self-serve tool by providing an exceptional customer experience.

  • Eliminate contract errors

    The automation of agreement generation directly from customer information without re-entering data, and in-built data validation ensures error-free agreements are created.

How Does Checkbox Automate This?

1. Collect all the necessary information using dynamic smart forms

Use dynamic smart forms to collect all the information you need to automatically generate copyright licence agreements. Harness conditional content and on-screen tips for an intuitive end-user experience, and build in data validation to boost accuracy.

2. Pull information from other sources

Increase efficiency and compliance by retrieving information from other sources. For example, the company name can be automatically populated after the ABN is entered.

3. Automatically generate bespoke contracts

Leverage Checkbox’s Word Add-In to codify existing contract templates. These act as the underlying master template which all contracts are generated from based on the information captured in smart forms.

4. Complete Conflict Of Interest checks

Ensure compliance by streamlining the Conflict Of Interest (COI) process with Checkbox’s no-code workflow functionality.

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