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APIs and Integrations

See how Checkbox integrates with your existing enterprise tools

Checkbox can be integrated with any other system that has available REST APIs. Integrations within Checkbox applications typically streamline the flow of data and trigger events across your existing line of business applications and workflow. You can pull data and documents from other systems into Checkbox and conversely push data and documents into other systems leveraging JavaScript.

Checkbox allows users to upload JavaScript (JS) snippets in the FORM and JS blocks to enable:

  • Complex programmatic logic beyond standard Checkbox OOTB (out of the box) capabilities with conditions.
  • API calls to public or custom endpoints to enable custom functionality & integration.
  • Control over the content of a FORM page through an event-based AP (see below ABN example).

What APIs & Integrations capabilities are included?

Form Block - Front End

When JS snippets are used in FORM blocks, the JS functions will be executed in the front end (i.e., on the FORM page). JS snippets uploaded and embedded in FORM blocks can be executed through changes in user input fields, clicking “Next” or “Submit” or once a page has been loaded.  

Common use cases include: 

  • ABN Lookup 
  • ACN Lookup 
  • Auto-population of fields from other line of business applications 
  • Redirect after completing an Assessment 
JS Block - Back End

When JS snippets are used in JS blocks, the JS functions are executed in the back end. 

Common use cases include: 

  • Variable manipulation (e.g., variable overwrite) 
  • Integrations (e.g., push/pull data from Salesforce etc) 
  • Complex calculations 

Samples of APIs available in the JavaScript Block

Get Variable

Access variables passed into this JavaScript Block based on 'VarName', which corresponds to their mapped variable name.

Make Request

Make asynchronous requests through this API which acts as a wrapper around axios and returns the axios response object.


Leverage e-sign to return an array of all e-sign pages that were instantiated during the current assessment. The array of details includes pageID, current e-signature status, report name and link to signed document, and original document variable name.

Set Variable

Set the value of output to be created by this JavaScript Block based on 'VarName', which corresponds to their mapped variable name.


Access environment variable values based on 'environmentVariableName'.

Get File

Return an array of URLs which users can paste into a browser to download uploaded files or reports. The array returned will have a length corresponding to the number of files associated with the 'fileName' or 'reportName'. The URLs within the returned array can be accessed using index notation.

Samples of APIs available on the FORM page

Add Events

Take objects with keys corresponding to the Event types. Each key should have a call-back attached, which is executed when the corresponding Event is triggered.

See JavaScript in Action

ABN Lookup Demo Video

Workflows & REST APIs Demo Video

Learn more on how JavaScript can be used

See more examples by contacting your Customer Success Manager, or by requesting a demo