Checkbox launches AI-powered Legal Front Door & Assistant to supercharge its workflow automation platform

July 19, 2023
Checkbox’s new generative AI capabilities enables legal teams to power their workflows and request management with AI.

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San Francisco, CA. - July 19, 2023 – Checkbox, a leading workflow automation platform, has launched a new AI capability, the AI “Front Door”, where legal teams can build an AI-powered digital access point and assistant for business users to initiate requests and self-serve contracts, knowledge, policies, FAQ and more. This game-changing capability leverages the two powerhouses of OpenAI’s GPT and no-code workflow automation to provide instant yet personalized experiences for users and enable legal teams to intelligently intake, triage and manage requests from the business. Overall, this AI-driven solution improves adoption, enables quicker turnaround times, increases legal service quality, and finally, greater visibility on request statuses and workflows.  

"Checkbox's new AI capabilities takes the game to a whole new level. One of the biggest values is that it allows you to scale, regardless of department size, and that's what workflow is about too. It is important to conduct your own due diligence with any AI tech, but there’s no doubt there's a force multiplier here that is powerful," says Jeffrey Franke, CEO of, former Co-Founder of CLOC and Chief of Staff & Assistant General Counsel, Legal Operations at Yahoo.

The Checkbox AI Legal Front Door enables legal teams to provide business users with an unprecedented user experience and efficiency, whilst providing the much-needed real-time visibility on the status and time taken for requests. Overall, the new capabilities will unlock the ability for legal teams to:

  • Meet business users where they are whilst maintaining a standardized intake approach:
    Adoption and navigation challenges are a thing of the past, with the AI Legal Front Door capturing requests from anywhere—Slack, Teams, Salesforce, email, intranet portal & more.
  • Provide a conversational experience and interpret, respond to, and triage requests: Enable an intelligent, conversational experience to intake, answer, triage and facilitate requests, distinct from early chatbots that are reliant on stiff, restrictive logic and standard query-to-answer matches to provide set responses.
  • Guide business users to self-serve automated journeys for contracts, knowledge, policies, FAQ and more: Move work and processes faster and provide better service to the business through immediate and personalized request resolution.
  • Gain visibility and updates on requests: Unlock real-time updates on the time taken to complete requests, the status of workflows and the people involved, as well as insights on request data and AI Legal Assistant performance to enable continuous improvement.  

“I’d imagine that there would be quite a few use cases for this… there are some obvious policies and procedures that are used frequently and can be poorly understood, like gifts and entertainment registers and delegations of authorities, an AI Assistant makes it so much more user friendly. The build process is radically simplified if you could just feed in the document and let users ask questions instead of going through a whole bunch of workflow questions to get to the right answer”, says Amy Mann, Global Corporate IP Counsel of BlueScope, a customer of Checkbox.

“The UpLevel Ops team keeps a collective finger on the pulse of the legal tech industry, and we’ve been tracking the potential of generative AI for quite some time. We have been eagerly awaiting the launch of GAI workflow enhancements, and after seeing Checkbox’s recent incorporation of AI into workflow automation and how easy it is to set up, we’re even more excited to see what the future holds for our clients who will harness this transformative technology,” says the UpLevel Ops Team, the leading trusted advisors in the legal operations practice.  

This new AI capability is part of the expanding functionality in Checkbox’s ecosystem. With the introduction of AI, Checkbox continues to push boundaries, enabling users to unlock endless possibilities in workflow automation.

“User experience has always been at the heart of our organization and our product. That’s why we built Checkbox to be truly no-code. And now, with artificial intelligence incorporated, we have taken that to the next level. And I’m loving the excited faces of customers and partners who have seen it already,” says CEO & Co-Founder of Checkbox, Evan Wong.  

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Checkbox is a leading AI workflow automation platform that enables legal teams to power their workflows and request management with AI. With Checkbox, build an AI-powered legal front door and guide business users through contract requests, knowledge bases / FAQs and approvals. Reliably deliver core legal services, meet expectations of operational excellence and elevate value to the business with Checkbox. Loved by enterprises globally for our ease of use, features and support, companies like Allianz, Coca-Cola Europacific Partners and BMW transform their workflows and request management with Checkbox.

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