Lifeblood Builds Digital Concierge with Checkbox to Deliver Legal Advice

May 3, 2022
Australian not-for-profit Lifeblood’s legal department has created an automated Legal Concierge using software and development platform Checkbox to service more than 1,400 internal stake holders including research and development teams.

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May 3, 2022 – Australian not-for-profit (NFP), Lifeblood, has kickstarted the digital transformation of its legal department by creating an automated Legal Concierge using the Checkbox platform to service more than 1,400 internal stakeholders, including research and development (R&D) teams.

Part of the Australian Red Cross Society, Lifeblood is a government-funded organisation responsible for collecting, manufacturing and providing blood, plasma, transplantation and biological products.  

Lifeblood’s legal team – responsible for advice and review of supply, procurement and R&D contracts, saw the opportunity to introduce legal workflow automation to provide around-the-clock services and resources to the internal clients while creating capacity to focus on higher complexity and impact tasks.

According to Natasha Futschik, Senior Corporate Lawyer at Lifeblood, embedding technology into legal processes is the cornerstone to evolving and streamlining legal operations. Checkbox’s expert process automation (EPA) platform was a natural next step of Lifeblood’s legal digitalisation.

“We don’t have the resources to oversee everything. Checkbox allowed us to automate low risk and low value work, so we have the capacity to focus on providing strategic advice for higher risk priorities,” said Futschik. “In that sense, Checkbox has helped us overcome the many challenges of being a smaller team and ensured we can demonstrate the greater value legal can deliver to the business.”

Checkbox is an expert process automation (EPA) software that empowers Lifeblood’s lawyers to automate tedious manual processes and scale the delivery of legal services to the organisation. Solutions are built and maintained without the reliance on the IT department, and without writing a single line of code.

Lifeblood has used the no-code platform to build a digital Legal Concierge, a system that triages legal matters pertaining to manufacturing, ICT systems, procurement, operations, and R&D. This is supported by six tools, also powered by Checkbox, to handle contract creation, privacy impact assessment, privacy breach, employment contracts, interpretation of regulation, donor complaints, and self-serve vendor contract triage.

“Legal Concierge empowers internal stakeholders to complete low risk tasks without depending on the legal team by working through a guided process that doesn’t require any prior training nor increased workloads,” said Futschik. “No one works with a lengthy document anymore – stakeholders answer questions and receive an automatically generated document without having to complete excessive paperwork.”

“Our goal is to have Legal Concierge triage all legal requests we get, so we can make legal services available around the clock, offering self-service where possible, or escalating to the legal team for complex matters.”

Checkbox has also improved reporting and visibility for Lifeblood’s legal team by providing tools that centralise data which was previously confined to email inboxes, phone calls, and face-to-face conversations.  

Futschik added, “Checkbox is a platform that adapts to what we need, rather than a tool that forces us to change how we operate.”

Evan Wong, Co-Founder and CEO at Checkbox, said, “Lifeblood’s legal team is using automation to deliver legal services at incredible scale to a diverse range of stakeholders and across highly sophisticated departments. With Checkbox, its lawyers can delegate high volume, low risk and repetitive tasks to their Legal Concierge, freeing them to dedicate their expert skills to driving strategic outcomes for the organisation.”

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