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In House Legal or Intake & Matter Management Software

Create a portal for the business to easily submit requests and access legal services, so the legal team can gain control and visibility over large volumes of requests.

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Finally gain control & visibility over your intake processes

Cut through the noise 498 × Hug sility into legal workload and performance data. Deliver transformative user experiences and services to the business using an Al legal front door.

Capture and centralize all
incoming requests automatically

Conversational AI Chatbot

Leverage Generative AI to automatically respond to incoming requests/queries using policies & playbooks.

Automatic matter creation

Create matters automatically - populating details such as type, requester, assignee, client and more.

Intelligent Triage

Automatically categorize requests and re-route to the relevant workflow, process, or person.

Centralize all matters for a
single source of truth

Custom Statuses, Fields & Boards

Create matters with custom statuses, fields and boards to keep track of key information for your team.

Linked Inboxes

Connect emails and documents automatically so you can search & retrieve information quickly.

Configurable Views

Track all your legal matters by category, status, priority or in any way you want to work.

Gain visibility into legal
performance and key metrics

Customizable Reports

Create your own reports and visualization fit for your team’s unique metrics and fields.

Template Reports

Leverage our ready-to-use legal reports to measure industry standard metrics and implement faster.

Analytics and Trends

Use analytics to see trends into matter volume, status and type to identify seasonality and capacity gaps.

Streamline and fast-track requests

Accelerate legal matters and allow legal professionals to spend less time on manual data entry/admin and more time on strategic, higher-value tasks.

Gain visibility and control over matters

Take control of your legal inbox and incoming requests by leveraging a connected, legal service hub as your single source of truth.

Demonstrate legal performance & impact

Effectively communicate with leadership by reporting on legal team activities to showcase strategic value and demonstrate impact.

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AI Legal Front Door

Create a portal for the business to easily submit requests and access legal services.

Email Intake

Automate the intake, triage, and assignment of requests from email.

Slack Intake

Automate and centralize the intake, triage, and assignment of requests from Slack.

Microsoft Team Intake

Automate and centralize the intake, triage, and assignment of requests from Teams.

Forms Intake

Use intelligent forms across your preferred channels to capture & organize requests.

Matter Management

Centralize all matters, documents, approvals, & conversations for a single source of truth.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any further questions, Get in touch with our friendly team.

What is Checkbox?

Checkbox is intake and workflow automation platform used by legal teams to maintain control, gain visibility, and get work done. With Checkbox, spend less time on manual, administrative work, and more time being the legal function that partners and grows together with the business.

Loved by legal and the business for our ease of use, features, and support, companies like Allianz, Coca-Cola Europacific Partners, BMW and Xero transform their legal services with Checkbox.

What is a legal front door?

The 'legal front door' describes a single point where the business goes to access services from the legal team. It enhances the way that the business interfaces with legal through a blend of self-service and connecting with lawyers.

How does Checkbox's AI chatbot work?

Checkbox uses generative Al to provide the next generation in legal intake and triage. Our Al-powered front door meets business users where they live - in Slack, Teams, email, and more. And we meet them with an experience that allows them to ask for help in a way that comes naturally to them, using conversations and not just forms. Drawing from a source of knowledge unique to each customer's organization, the chatbot assistant is able to answer frequently asked questions and seamlessly link to automated workflows to collect approvals, submit disclosures, generate documents, and assign work to the appropriate person.

Checkbox uses OpenAl's large language models. The Al APIs we use have a zero-retention policy - meaning OpenAl cannot view any of that data, store it longer than required to process the request, or use any of it to train the Al model.

Do you have templates so we do not have to start from scratch?

Yes, Checkbox has a range of templates for common use-cases across intake. & matter management, workflow automation, self-service tools and AL chatbot which you can get access to. Leverage ready-to-use solutions, reporting and more so you can view industry standard processes and implement faster. Explore our available solution templates.

Can Checkbox integrate with our existing systems or database?

Yes, solutions built on Checkbox can be integrated with any other system that has available REST APIs. Integrations within Checkbox applications typically streamline the flow of data and trigger events across your existing systems and workflow. You can pull data and documents from other systems into Checkbox and conversely push data and documents into other systems automatically.

Key integrations with Checkbox include email, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Sharepoint, Salesforce, Google Suite, Hubspot, Salesforce, DocuSign, AdobeSign and more.

What is the profile or skill sets of users who typically build on Checkbox?

Checkbox is no code. Our completely visual drag and drop application builder means that anyone, including those with no technical background can build their own automation and workflow tools without coding or IT knowledge. We have lawyers and business professional all building on Checkbox, and across many different seniority levels (C-Suite, middle managers and interns)

Capture, service and report across all legal work with ease