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Evan Wong

CEO & Co-Founder of Checkbox, Forbes 30 Under 30

Evan Wong is the CEO & Co-Founder of Checkbox, a 14x award-winning no code workflow automation platform, and is a listed Forbes 30 Under 30. Evan has worked with many legal teams globally on their digital transformation projects by leveraging the power of no code automation and his expertise in developing digital solutions to solve business process problems. Through this work, he has helped redefine how lawyers conduct intake and triage, generate documents, provide advice, and facilitate workflows, with a focus on applying innovation with ruthless practicality.

Dave Moore

Director of Sales, North America at Checkbox 

Dave has spent the last 6+ years hyper-focused on helping corporate legal departments leverage technology to create more actionable access to data, and documents, and automate processes to ensure their teams are laser focused on the highest value activity at the top of their skillset and licensure.

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