How HESTA Built a Procurement Tool Using Checkbox

2,000+ Procurements Processed
793+ Hours Saved
Idea to Deployment in 12 Weeks

Looking for an interactive tool, reflective of the true everyday procurement process

The main challenge for HESTA was prompted by their enormous growth. Jorden Lam, General Manager of Operations and Service Delivery, stated that “with rapid growth came the need for a more mature system and procurement process”. In the absence of a dedicated and centralized procurement function, HESTA was faced with the challenge of achieving consistency, rigor and a clear understanding across the entire organization on how to procure goods and services. This challenge extended to finding a tool that empowered individuals to self-navigate the procurement framework whilst involving key stakeholders where needed.  

A platform not a point solution, enabling flexibility to meet specific needs

When HESTA came across Checkbox, they saw it as a powerful enabler to “self-manage and self-design the entire procurement process.” The Checkbox platform allowed HESTA to not only automate the entire procurement process, but easily adapt and make changes that could be rolled out to the wider organization very quickly. Jorden stated that the team did look at several alternatives but found that Checkbox was far superior because of its usability, speed, and “pretty” interface that was engaging and easy to navigate, unlike other clunky no-code and low-code platforms.

Using Checkbox, HESTA built a digital business application that codified the procurement rules and frameworks as well as automate all data intake, relevant email notifications, reminders and approvals. The tool guided users through a ‘choose your own adventure’ journey via the compliant-by-design procurement process. All related data is then organized and stored on centralized Checkbox dashboards, with full audit trails of key activities that could be presented as evidence to the regulator.

Outcomes within the first 6 months

Within the first 6 months of implementation, HESTA had effectively streamlined their procurement processes and achieved very strong outcomes.

  • 793+ Hours Saved Across the Entire Organization
  • 3+ Active Independent App Builders
  • Consolidation of multiple policies in a single tool

793+ Hours Saved Across the Entire Organization

3+ Active Independent App Builders

Consolidation of multiple policies in a single tool

"We found Checkbox far better than the alternative solutions because of the usability and speed. It’s intuitive to use and you can change things in a matter of seconds."

Jorden Lam

Jorden Lam

General Manager of Operations & Service at HESTA

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