Procurement App Template

Procurement Policy
Triage and Approval

Procurement Policy Triage and Approval

Raise a procurement request by collecting information,
assessing risk & triaging through document workflow automation
Raise a procurement request by collecting information, assessing risk & triaging through document workflow automation

Key Features

  • Smart Forms

    Enables users to capture procurement request details in smart questionnaires and depending on the answers triages them towards the right procurement path.

  • Approval Workflows

    Catalogues and assesses the risk associated with the procurement request automatically to trigger the right approvals and/or request more information.

  • Document Automation

    Generates any required supporting documents (NDAs, Service Agreement, etc.) and digitally facilitates approvals and e-signatures.


  • Digitise and standardise clunky manual processes to reduce risk and save time

    The application checks and balances manual processes to prevent non-compliance with procurement rules.

  • Track, manage and analyse procurement submissions

    Alleviate the need for scattered emails and excel spreadsheets by accessing all procurements requests on a centrally managed dashboard.

  • Reduce risk

    Create complete end to end audit trails for regulatory compliance purposes.

How Does Checkbox Automate This?

1. Use dynamic smart forms to collect information about procurement requests

Use dynamic smart forms to collect all the information you need to triage procurement requests, determine associated risk, and trigger the appropriate approvals.

2. Automatically determine risk ratings

Automatically obtain risk ratings, as determined by the calculations, weighted scoring, and logic you built into the app.

3. Automatically trigger the appropriate workflows and approvals

Automatically assign requests to the relevant procurement experts and send approval requests to the right approvers. These can be conducted back-to-back or in parallel.

4. Generate bespoke documents

Automatically populate styled document templates to generate bespoke documents. You can easily create templates using Checkbox’s Word Add-In.

5. Facilitate e-signature

Automatically send documents to be signed by the relevant people. Checkbox integrates with e-signature tools such as DocuSign and Adobe Sign out-of-the-box.

6. Centrally track and manage all procurement requests using dashboards

Use powerful custom dashboards to analyse trends and assign procurement team members to requests, view request statuses in real-time, and send reminders.

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