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Jenn McCarron, Preisdent of CLOC & Former Legal Ops & Tech Director @Netflix & Spotify

Evan Wong, CEO & Founder @Checkbox

Date & Time

May 7th 6pm PT

We interview Jenn McCarron(President of CLOC) on her spicy takes on Legal Ops, having spent over a decadebuilding legal ops teams at Netflix, Spotify and Cisco. We bring these candid commentary down under as Jenn fights her way through crikey Australian food such as Vegemite, Tim Tams, and Kangaroo...?! Register for the live webinar.

Jenn McCarron

Jenn McCarron, President of CLOC & Former Legal Ops & Tech Director @Netflix & Spotify

Jenn McCarron, formerly the Director of Legal Operations and Technology at Netflix, is an innovative leader in legal technology known for her talent development and industry-changing teams. She oversaw global legal functions with a focus on strategic financial management and innovation. Recently named President of the Board for CLOC, she is recognized for her mentorship and talent development. With a background in music and wide-ranging expertise, McCarron is a sought-after speaker and thought leader in legal tech and operations.

Evan Wong

CEO & Co-Founder of Checkbox, Forbes 30 Under 30

Evan Wong is the CEO & Co-Founder of Checkbox, a 14x award-winning no code workflow automation platform, and is a listed Forbes 30 Under 30. Evan has worked with many legal teams globally on their digital transformation projects by leveraging the power of no code automation and his expertise in developing digital solutions to solve business process problems. Through this work, he has helped redefine how lawyers conduct intake and triage, generate documents, provide advice, and facilitate workflows, with a focus on applying innovation with ruthless practicality.

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