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Automate legal workflows & services

Build a legal front door, guide business users through self-service tools and unlock visibility on workflows.

Trusted by leading legal teams, globally

Achieve efficiency and compliance

Build a legal front door and intake from anywhere

Enable business users to request for services within their inbox and receive immediate responses

Streamline contract lifecycle workflows

Automate from contract generation, review and negotiations, through to execution and obligations

Streamline policies, approvals & advice

Digitize, streamline and fast-track processes between people, systems, and data

Gain visibility and insights into your processes

Leverage dashboards, reports and audit logs for your workflows and enable data-driven decisions

Adoption & navigation — now easier than ever

Instantly handle business requests via email

Enable business users to request for services within their inbox and receive immediate responses

Intake requests where the business is—on Slack

Allow business users to access the service assistant via BAU channels like Slack and Teams

Intake requests where the business is—on Teams

Gain visibility and transparency on the status, type and priority of requests & workflows

Build an AI Front Door on your company portal

Embed an AI assistant on your company’s web portal and customize for branding

Legal Self-Service Workflows

  • Meet business users where they are—Slack, Teams, email, company portal & more
  • Allow a conversational experience for business users to submit their requests
  • Triage requests to the right workflow or lawyer
AI powered front door
Flexible deployment
Conversational experience

Guide users through request resolution

  • Guide users through contracts, policies, approvals & advice or assign to the relevant lawyer or team
  • Enable higher resolution rates at the first contact
  • Fast-track request resolution by automatically directing users to the relevant self-service tool
Automated triage
Self-service workflows

Intake & Triage Workflows

  • Gain insight and reporting on the volume, type, and status of requests & workflows
  • Automated summaries and audit trails of key considerations, comments, approvals/decisions
  • Allow business users to inquire or receive automatic updates on their request
Dashboards and Analytics
Custom Reporting
Audit Logs

Everything you need to manage
your automated workflows

Design, build, deliver and maintain your workflows all in one place

Application Development

Build, update and maintain workflow solutions faster and easier using a completely visual drag-and-drop canvas

Drag and drop

Development & testing

Version management

Document Automation

Automate documents end-to-end using information intake, conditional content, bulk processing, approvals and e-signature.

Template-based documents

In-app document editor


Workflow Automation

Automate, streamline, and execute processes between people, systems, and data using predefined business rules.

Sequential workflows

Parallel workflows


Forms and Intake

Capture and triage information from users and systems using dynamic, logic-driven forms.

Smart forms


Web accessibility

Decision Automation

Design complex rules and decision-tree logic including calculations, looping and weighted scores.

Decision tables

Conditional routing & logic

Number/date calculations

Reporting & Analytics

Gain instant visibility and insights into your services and processes and enable data-driven decisions.


Widgets & custom filters

Data exports

Reusability & Data

Leverage data storage and management functionality to read, retrieve and update data across workflows and external systems.


Data import & export

Low-code availaibilty

Get started with use cases & templates



Provide a self-service portal for employees to initiate a purchase or vendor request


Approval Workflows

Guide users through approval requests, streamline review and gain visibility


Vendor Risk Assessment

Decrease time on evaluating vendors by automating your vendor risk assessments


Modern Slavery Check

Automate manual checks for suppliers’ alignment to modern slavery laws & policies


Vendor Agreements

Generate bespoke & error-free vendor agreement reports in a matter of minutes


NDA Automation

Allow employees to self-serve the generation of compliant NDAs


AI Legal Front Door

Capture requests from anywhere and guide users through request resolution


Legal / Policy FAQ

Address policy inquiries instantly using AI or route to the relevant resource


NDA Automation

Allow employees to self-serve the generation of compliant NDAs in just minutes


Gifts & Entertainment

Simplify the registration & approval of company gifts and gratuities


Sales Agreements

Empower the sales team to self-serve the generation of agreements with ease


Trademark Clearance

Streamline the submission, review and clearance of trademarks


NDA Automation

Allow employees to self-serve the generation of compliant NDAs in just minutes


Bulk Employment Letters

Meet deadlines and generate hundreds of personalized letters in just a few clicks


Sales Agreements

Empower the sales team to self-serve the generation of agreements with ease


Copyright License

Automate copyright license agreements in minutes & refocus time on new revenue


Vendor Agreements

Generate bespoke & error-free vendor agreement reports in a matter of minutes


Employment Agreements

Automate employment agreements end-to-end - from intake, review to e-signature

Trusted by leading companies worldwide

“Without the need for technical skills or the help of IT, Checkbox has enabled us to automate intake and triage, pre-populate significant volumes of information up front, and allocate matters to the lawyers with the right expertise and availability. It is a living, breathing tool we can scale and adapt easily to maintain a legal safety blanket for the business.”

Ben Langford

Group Counsel at Woolworths


workflows automated across legal

Coca-Cola Europacific Partners

“The legal and people & culture teams have been able to focus on the people rather than the processes, whilst rolling out solutions organization-wide at a velocity that was unachievable previously.”

Richard Conway

Deputy Group General Counsel & Group Company Secretary at Coca-Cola


documents automated per year across the business

“Our legal teams spend less time on menial tasks and more time on things that require their skills and expertise, and they get to spend more face-to-face time with business stakeholders to meet business deliverables.”

Denise Doyle

Legal Transformation Lead at Telstra


hours saved per year for processes across legal

"We're no longer a roadblock to the business. Standardizing our processes with automation using Checkbox has allowed us to work on more complex business matters, making us a stronger business partner"

Georgia Petry

Legal Counsel at Xero


documents automated in first implementation

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any further questions, Get in touch with our friendly team or email us at

What is Checkbox?

Checkbox is the leading AI workflow automation platform that enables teams to power their workflows and request management with AI. With Checkbox, build an AI-powered front door and guide business users through contract requests, knowledge, policies, FAQs and more.

Develop an effective service delivery model, demonstrate and elevate value, and strengthen partnership with the business.

Does OpenAI store our information?

Checkbox uses OpenAI’s large language models - the latest readily available LLM being GPT3.5. The AI APIs we use have a zero-retention policy - meaning OpenAI cannot view any of that data, store it longer than required to process the request, or use any of it to train the AI model. According to OpenAI’s API data usage policies, data sent to OpenAI is stored for 30 days to prevent abuse and misuse. OpenAI does not use any of the data sent over, nor retained, to be used for training or improving their models. Data sent over to OpenAI is not exposed to any other parties, including publicly accessible models like ChatGPT.

Can my business users “correct” what the AI Front Door says to suit their liking?

No. We explicitly tell the A.I. Front Door to only provide answers pertaining to the sources it has used to be trained - of which, these sources are provided by your organization. Additionally, we allow teams to provide their own prompts to further reinforce the responses provided by the users.

Do you have templates so we do not have to start from scratch?

Yes, Checkbox has a range of templates for common use-cases across legal, human resources, procurement, compliance, finance, IT and more, which you can get access to. Any application built in Checkbox can also be exported with a single click to enable template sharing. Explore our available solution templates.

Can Checkbox integrate with our existing systems or database?

Yes, applications built on Checkbox can be integrated with any other system that has available REST APIs. Integrations within Checkbox applications typically streamline the flow of data and trigger events across your existing systems and workflow. You can pull data and documents from other systems into Checkbox and conversely push data and documents into other systems automatically.

Key integrations with Checkbox include DocuSign, AdobeSign, Xakia, LawVu, Salesforce, Sharepoint, Google Drive and more.

What is the profile or skill sets of users who typically build on Checkbox?

Checkbox is no code. Our completely visual drag and drop application builder means that anyone, including those with no technical background can build their own automation and workflow tools without coding or IT knowledge. We have lawyers, HR, procurement, risk and compliance professionals, business analysts all building on Checkbox, and across many different seniority levels (C-Suite, middle managers and interns).

How long does it take to build an application on Checkbox?

Checkbox is designed to be the fastest no-code development platform. We have seen simple applications (e.g. NDA automation) built in just 15 minutes, right up to complex end-to-end business processes (e.g. complete automation of an organization’s entire procurement framework) built over a few months. Regardless of the size and complexity of the solution, Checkbox’s completely visual drag and drop application builder allows solutions to be built and deployed in a fraction of the time, risk, and cost compared to traditional IT development.

Checkbox is no-code, but do you allow for coding if we want to?

Yes. Whilst Checkbox is no-code, some use-cases may still require coding either due to complexity or the need for integrations with other systems. The Checkbox authoring studio provides a component which enables code to be written and executed as part of the workflow, often leveraging the skill set of IT staff to build upon the no code foundation built by the business users.


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