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Checkbox vs Mitratech TAP

To improve access, value and speed of legal services to the business, it is crucial to choose the right legal workflow software. This page compares both Checkbox & Mitratech (TAP) to help you choose the platform that’s right for you.

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Checkbox and Mitratech (TAP) are both workflow automation platforms with capabilities to automate and improve legal processes. However, the two tools differ in their implementation model and feature set. This page will help you understand the difference between Checkbox and TAP, so you can choose the right legal workflow solution for your team.

Ease of use


Checkbox stands out for its user-friendly approach. Its ease of use empowers in-house teams to take full control of their workflows, without the need for extensive technical expertise. With Checkbox, managing workflows becomes simpler, faster, and more efficient. While customers can still choose to work with partners to develop workflows, it's not a necessity, offering them more flexibility and independence in managing their processes. Checkbox puts the power in the hands of the users, allowing them to optimize their legal operations with ease.

Mitratech (TAP)

TAP boasts impressive power, but its complexity makes it challenging to use. This difficulty poses a significant problem for many legalops/legal teams who struggle to build and maintain workflows in-house. As a consequence, they often end up incurring expensive consulting fees and experiencing delays when making even basic workflow changes. Moreover, TAP's intricacy prevents the realization of the citizen developer model, leading to a heavy reliance on highly technical resources.



Checkbox takes a different approach to customer support. We are proud to offer a white-glove support and success model for our customers. Our dedicated team goes above and beyond to ensure that every user receives top-notch assistance and personalized care. With Checkbox, your satisfaction and success are our utmost priorities.

Mitratech (TAP)

Customers frequently express disappointment with the support provided by Mitratech. Time and time again, users have reported unsatisfactory experiences with their customer support. The lack of personalized care and assistance has left many feeling let down and frustrated.

Time to Value


Checkbox streamlines the time to value with its user-friendly approach. By avoiding unnecessary complexity, Checkbox allows users to build, configure, adjust, and launch workflows in a shorter timeline. Its focus on simplicity and ease of use ensures a quicker path to achieving desired outcomes and user experiences. With Checkbox, you can get more done in less time, empowering your legal department to be more efficient and effective.

Mitratech (TAP)

Time to value with TAP is often hindered by its excessive customization and over-serving use-cases for legal departments. While it offers a wide range of features, this can lead to increased complexity when using the tool. As a result, users may find it takes more time to achieve their desired outcomes or user experience. Building, configuring, adjusting, and launching workflows can be a more time-consuming process with TAP.

On-going innovation


Checkbox maintains its independence as a private and independently owned company. This freedom from external influence allows us to focus solely on our product's growth and innovation. With a commitment to constant improvement, Checkbox releases major product features and enhancements every month, ensuring that our users benefit from the latest advancements and stay at the forefront of workflow management technology.

Mitratech (TAP)

Since the acquisition by Mitratech, there have been notable concerns regarding product development and innovation. Many users have reported a significant slowdown in updates and improvements to the platform. The acquisition seems to have impacted the pace at which new features and enhancements are introduced, leaving some customers feeling frustrated with the lack of progress.



Checkbox stands out as a cost-effective alternative. Our pricing model ensures that our workflows are priced competitively, providing substantial savings for our customers. Users have found that Checkbox offers more than half the cost of TAP's workflows on a per workflow basis.

Mitratech (TAP)

TAP's workflows tend to be more expensive. Customers have reported higher costs associated with TAP's workflow solutions.

Why Checkbox Offers More Value

Design, build, deliver and maintain your services all in one place

Automation Platform - Eliminate errors
and maintain compliance

Fastest deployment

Fastest deployment Design, build, update, and launch workflows with ease and in significantly less time.

Automation Platform - 
Reduce Turnaround Time

Built for the business

With no-code, empower business teams to build and maintain their own custom workflows, increase capacity for IT and close the gap between digitization and implementation.

Automation Platform - 
Refocus the team on higher value work

Pricing that scales with your team

Predictable and transparent pricing based on the number of workflows, rather than the number of users or usage.

Checkbox Newest AI Features

Simplify complex processes and streamline your workflow with AI

13,000+ hours saved per year

Our teams spend less time on menial tasks and more time on things that require their skills and expertise, and they get to spend more face-to-face time with business stakeholders to meet business deliverables.

Denise Doyle

Transformation Lead, Legal Division

60+ workflows automated across legal

“Without the need for technical skills or the help of IT, Checkbox has enabled us to automate intake and triage, pre-populate significant volumes of information up front, and allocate matters to the lawyers with the right expertise and availability. It is a living, breathing tool we can scale and adapt easily to maintain a legal safety blanket for the business.”

Ben Langford

Group Counsel, Woolworths Group

4000+ documents automated per year across the business

“The legal and people & culture teams have been able to focus on the people rather than the processes, whilst rolling out solutions organizations-wide at a velocity that was unachievable previously.”

Richard Conway

Deputy Group General Counsel & Group Company Secretary at Coca-Cola


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