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Patent Application Automation

Revolutionize the patent application process by eliminating
mistakes through automation
Revolutionize the patent application process by eliminating mistakes through automation

The Challenges

The manual process of applying for patents is often time-consuming and prone to error – involving highly skilled lawyers having to manually collect information and copy-paste them into multiple document templates. This creates unnecessary risk of human error in the drafted applications, potentially lengthening the time taken to apply. Multiple technologies can often be used together, to collect information, draft documents and streamline approvals, but they’re usually un-customizable and don’t use a centralized database of patent data. Due to the time-consuming and therefore expensive nature of this service, there’s an untapped market who require but can’t afford this service.

How Checkbox Streamlines Patent Applications

Challenges How does Checkbox address it?

The firm may engage with customers through many back-and-forth communications and ad-hoc calls, potentially losing information throughout. 

Checkbox’s no code App builder empowers lawyers to create smart forms to streamline the data collection process and provide a smooth user experience. 

Customers often expect low or fixed fees when engaging with firms but without the upfront commitment of scoping the situation, firms cannot give an accurate estimate. 

Smart forms can be backed by complex calculations and decision-tree logic to automatically triage the eligibility of patent applications. This means lawyers only engage with customers who are eligible to apply for patents. 

The manual processes (e.g., calculating fees, generating abstracts, and summaries) are prone to human error, introducing unnecessary risk to timeline and patent application. 

All information captured in Checkbox solutions can be used to generate documents, calculate fees and make decisions (e.g., which claims are required) so a single source of truth is used. 

These documents are automatically customized and can feature: 
1. Conditional clauses – only the relevant clauses are inserted into the document and numbered automatically. 
2. Dynamic tables to structure information in rows and columns that are adjusted automatically to the content. 

Each point solution is used to streamline parts of the process need to be manually updated with patent information each time. 

Checkbox solutions also complement most third-party systems to effortlessly fit with the existing tech stack through integrations which eliminates re-keying of information.   

No visibility for clients or lawyers on the progress of patent application, and minimal analytics on the patents applied for previously for the firm to develop expertise. 

Track the real-time status of document generation with Checkbox dashboards where information such as application status, and approval timestamps can be displayed. 

Generated and signed documents are all stored in Checkbox and can be sent to store in other document repository systems such as Google Drive, SharePoint, iManage, or NetDocuments. 

Key Features


  • Improve client experience

    Moving from tedious back-and-forth communications to a streamlined online form leaves a great first impression on the firm.

  • Provide additional value to clients and create efficiency

    By enabling lawyers to independently build innovation tools on processes they know best, this frees up time to work on tasks which lawyer expertise is needed most.

  • Shorten the time for lawyers to generate documents and empower them to focus on high value billable work

    Minimize the time required to generate documents and collect information from customers, allowing a re-focus on billable work.

  • Eliminate errors and maintain compliance

    By using compliant-by-design document templates and eligibility checks, consistently accurate outcomes are achieved.

  • Improve maintainability

    Through no-code, the solution can be easily modified for any policy or legislation changes.

  • Oversee the patent application progress

    Track the process across the stages of its life cycle through the Checkbox dashboard. Documents and data captured within Checkbox can be stored in other third-party systems.


How Does Checkbox Automate This?

1. Potential customers access the self-serve tool from the firm’s website

A URL can be embedded inside the company portal, or iFrame can enable users to access the tool while staying inside the portal.

2. Automatically assess the eligibility of this patent application to decide whether the firm should engage

Leverage complex decision-tree logic, built by drag-and-drop, to prompt users to provide details with a user-friendly form.

3. Automatically provide preliminary advice indicating the eligibility with further contact details to the correct lawyer from the firm if appropriate

Based on the information provided, a preliminary assessment is generated for the customer’s benefit. Further details will require engaging with the firm.

4. The appropriate lawyer or team is notified of this new customer and a Conflict of Interest (COI) check process can be facilitated

Centralize customer details in existing tools, minimizing the time required for finding the necessary information and reducing human error for generated documents. 3rd party databases can be cross-referenced and updated. 

5. Track all applications through the Checkbox dashboard

Customer detailsuploaded files and generated documents can be viewed in a centralized location, enabling analytics to understand long-term trends. 

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