Incident Register/Breach Reporting Solution

Do more with less. Stop losing time chasing employees for incident information and spend more time working on actual incident management.

The Checkbox Incident Register/Breach Reporting Solution provides a self-serve tool for employees of Australian Financial Services (AFS) licensees to report incidents or potential breaches to the compliance team. The tool is compliant by design, collecting all the required information to automatically generate a ASIC FS-80 report (if required) and customisable so that any information required can be collected, allowing compliance teams to save hours spent gathering information from the business line for every incident.

The tool uses Checkbox’s automation features to log data in an incident register, automate e-mail notifications, assign reviews and displays results in a dashboard, enabling quick reviews and data analytics for operational improvements.

This tool can be customised to meet ASIC RG 132 guidance on Compliance Management Systems. More can be read about Breach Reporting obligations here.

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