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Agreement Generation

Employment Agreement Generation

Free up time for HR by automating standard, low risk letters & agreements

The Challenges

Employee agreements are business-critical documents that are often manually administered by the HR team. While it is common for this process to be managed using spreadsheets and mail-merges, this method still requires HR teams to engage in significant manual data entry which leaves room for human error and takes their focus away from the people and into the process. Subsequently, the employee experience is impacted too, requiring employees to engage with HR through manual workflows in collecting information and signing documents.

How Checkbox Solves Employment Agreement Generation

Challenges How does Checkbox address it?

Manual Information Capture Process 
Employees face a tedious and lengthy process of needing to manually download, print, review, sign, scan, re-upload, and email employment documents when they join an organisation, or when an employment change occurs. 

This often leads to errors (e.g., missing information or signatures), resulting in several back-and-forth emails, multiple versions of agreements and significant time wasted on manual paperwork. 

Checkbox’s form-based user interface is seamless and easy-to-use, allowing for digital employee information capture. Custom form validation and integrations with existing employee systems of record ensures that the correct and complete information is captured the first-time round. This significantly expedites the process while improving the employee experience. 

Manual document creation can result in non-standard agreements 
HR professionals must manually edit word templates for each new contract or use mail-merge, increasing the risk of human error/non-compliant agreements being created and sent, particularly during busy periods where multiple documents are being generated and managed simultaneously. 

Checkbox eliminates the need for manual document creation by populating employee data into HR documents.  

These documents are automatically customised and can feature conditional clauses – only the relevant clauses are dynamically inserted into the document and automatically numbered. 

Bespoke agreements can also be generated and sent out using Checkbox’s bulk generation functionality, empowering HR teams to maintain high accuracy and low turnaround times even during busy periods. Learn more about Bulk Employment Letter Generation.

Once a document is generated, Checkbox can also facilitate e-signature workflows and automatic reminders. 

Template Version Control 
Adjustments to the agreement templates are difficult to make, resulting in multiple non-standard versions of employment document templates being used throughout the organization. 

Checkbox’s no-code drag and drop studio empowers anyone to quickly build and deploy their solution in a matter of days, and make updates as required without needing IT.   

These changes may include adding new remuneration policies, introducing approval checkpoints, and changing business logic.  

Lack of centralized management and visibility 
With busy HR professionals dealing with employees on an individual basis, employment documents and communications can end up de-centralised over email, local drives, and folders. This reduces visibility of which employees have signed and returned their employment documents, and which version of a document is the correct one. 

Checkbox’s customizable dashboard enables admins to seamlessly monitor and manage the status of all agreements, including signature status and a full audit trail of responses, and functions as a repository for all signed and finalized documents. 
Dashboard Analytics further allows HR teams to derive key business insights, such as time taken to create and complete employee onboarding, fuelling process improvement and organizational efficiency gains. 

Key Features


  • Seamless information capture

    Complete employee information intake in minutes with an intuitive form-based digital interface.

  • Dynamic agreement generation and approval

    Generate bespoke letters and agreements that are error-free and compliant every time, making approval easy and minimizing inefficient back-and-forth in the process.

  • Rapid bulk generation of agreements

    Bulk-generate agreements with just a few clicks to empower HR teams to maintain speed and accuracy through busy periods.

  • Intuitive digital signing

    Makes the document-signing process paper-less and painless, with native e-signature tools and in-built reminders allowing for quick and easy signing by all parties.

  • Comprehensive audit trails and process management tools

    Monitor and manage all letters and agreements at-a-glance through Checkbox dashboards and audit trails. Gain valuable process insight through assessment time-tracking and response analytics to support organizational efficiency at scale.

  • Improve maintainability

    Through no-code, the solution can be easily and independently modified for any contract content, logic or format changes.


How Does Checkbox Automate This?

1. Collect or pre-fill employee details

Checkbox’s form-based user-interface allows new employees to quickly and easily provide their basic details, and can capture information dynamically depending on the employee’s role, pay grade etc. Checkbox also offers bulk-upload functionality to enable HR-led process initiation for current employees, leveraging existing data.

2. Generate a draft letter or agreement for HR/Hiring manager review

Any approvals required from HR supervisors or hiring managers can be seamlessly captured using Checkbox’s human-in-the loop workflow functionality. Approvers can be sent a draft letter, which they can approve, edit or send back for further information.

3. Automatically determine the necessary approval path for your document

Checkbox’s complex calculation engine will automatically assign the document to the appropriate business stakeholders for review, and approval, with automated reminders.

4. Send a finalized document to employee for e-signature

Once finalized, Checkbox’s out-of-the-box e-sign integrations can be used to automatically send the document to all required signatories and cc’ed parties, before returning to the Checkbox platform as a fully signed agreement.

5. Monitor the status of all agreements and letters at-a-glance

Process administrators can use Checkbox Dashboards to manage and monitor the progress and audit trails of all letters and agreements. Dashboards also allow for bespoke analytics on data captured and time taken to support organizational efficiency initiatives.

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