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Document Execution Workflow

Digitize your document execution workflow to get your deals across the line faster

The Challenges

Business users have a constant need to get documents executed in order to progress important business deals. Understanding complex delegation of authority can be confusing and time consuming for your average business user and typically leads to a back-and-forth email interaction with the legal team to fully understand the appropriate signatory requirements. Business users are then tasked with manually reaching out to these signatories for approval, and ultimately, final execution. This process is both inefficient and consumes time of high value company resources.

How Checkbox Solves Document Execution Workflow

Challenges How does Checkbox address it?

Business users do not know which stakeholders to engage for document execution and often consume precious time from legal teams to determine this. 

Checkbox eliminates the need to engage the legal team entirely by using our powerful calculation engine and decision-tree logic to route business users to the appropriate signatories based on factors such as document type, financial impact and risk rating. 

Due to the ad-hoc nature of the document execution queries directed to in-house legal teams, business users frequently provide incomplete information, resulting in lots of back-and-forth emails to clarify the request

Using Checkbox’s smart-forms, legal teams can ensure that business users submit all required information before the relevant review and approve stakeholders are involved. 

Once the correct stakeholders are identified, it is difficult to coordinate and document the back-and-forth email communications, comments and ultimately, approvals from stakeholders who are required to sign off on the document. 

Checkbox facilitates and centralizes the back-and-forth comments and approvals between the business user submitting the document and the respective business owners approving it. 

After the completion of the document execution approvals, signatories are typically asked to print the finalized document, place their wet signatures on it, and then return it to the business user via email. This is extremely time consuming, prone to delays, and inconvenient to high level executive stakeholders. 

Checkbox utilizes native e-signature integrations to capture electronic signatures from the final signatories, saving senior executives both time and effort. 

Business users have to manually upload their finalized documents to their file repository system which is tedious and not a widely complied with habit. 

Checkbox acts as a repository, where business users can search through past submissions and retrieve previously executed documents as well as their transcript of approvals. Checkbox is also able to integrate with third party systems to automatically store a finalized, signed agreement in the repository of your choice. 

Key Features


  • Protect your legal team’s time and allow them to focus on high value tasks

    Allow business users access to a self-service tool that can provide them with the support needed to get their documents executed without disturbing your legal team.

  • Enable faster document execution turnaround time

    Eliminate the need to engage the legal team for direction on approvers and get an automated system routing to the appropriate stakeholders. Automatically generate a transcript of all stakeholder approvals and eliminate the need for wet signatures.

  • Manage your document execution request

    Use Checkbox’s dashboard to keep track of all your submissions and view a real-time status of your request. Send reminders to stakeholders who haven’t actioned your document yet.

What’s the Return on Investment?

On average, with Checkbox, clients save their legal team 30 minutes per document execution through eliminating the need to engage the legal team to consult on the proper approvals required. By assuming that 1,000 documents are generated per year, 500 hours from the legal team can be used to re-focus on higher priority work.

On average, with Checkbox, documents get executed 1 business day* quicker than using ad-hoc email and wet signature processes.  

*Dependant on number of approvers


How Does Checkbox Automate This?

1. Launch your document execution request in Checkbox

Checkbox’s smart forms provide an easy-to-use Document Execution request form for business users to launch their request. Get an email notification with a transcript of your initial submission for records keeping.

2. Automatically determine the necessary approval path for your document

Checkbox’s complex calculation engine will automatically route the document to the appropriate approval path based on inputs from the business user. Automatically assign the document to the appropriate business stakeholders for review, and approval using Checkbox’s drag and drop workflow functionality.

3. Collect an e-signature from your final signatories

Using Checkbox’s native e-signature integrations, automatically trigger the final execution of your documents through Checkbox.

4. Store your executed documents and stakeholder approval transcript

Automatically store your executed document, along with an approval transcript in Checkbox along with your Document Execution request. Integrate with third party file repository systems to store the generated audit report for future reference.

5. Track your document’s progress along its path to approval using Checkbox's customisable dashboards

View real time status of all your document execution requests. Identify current approvers of your document.

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