Information Security App Template

Vendor Audit (CPS234)

Audit vendors against a set of dynamic controls that map against
regulation to assess criticality to business operations and data sensitivity
Audit vendors against a set of dynamic controls that map against regulation to assess criticality to business operations and sensitivity of the data involved

Key Features

  • Compliant Controls

    Align to regulator’s requirements and allow customisation to meet the bespoke internal risk and assurance needs.

  • Approval Workflows

    Configurable workflow and approvals to meet your internal review & sign-off.

  • Security - SOC2 / ISO Complaint

    Create solutions that meet the highest levels of security and assurance. No more manual audits on messy, unsecured spreadsheets and emails.

  • Data Management

    Streamlined information intake, workflow and approvals: Provides clients with information on simple and intuitive smart forms that only ask relevant questions depending on the level of risk. Take approvals out of messy, long email threads and manual, spreadsheet and document management. Involve the right stakeholders at the right time.

  • Centralised Audit Trails

    Leave locally stored files and scattered emails behind. A complete audit trail of all actions and information is safely secured in a centralised, search-enabled environment.


  • Ensure quality

    Automation of vendor assurance empowers auditors to be confident that nothing is missed, incorrectly assessed, or lost in communication.

  • Improve efficiency

    Reduces time of audit by up to 60% and allows secure interaction with vendors.

  • Reduce risk

    Compliant by design audits ensures meeting regulatory obligations on time and at the required standards.

How Does Checkbox Automate This?

1. Capture information using dynamic smart forms

Use dynamic smart forms to collect all the information about vendors needed to assess risk and compliance.

2. Automatically score audits

Determine risk and compliance scores for each audit based upon custom logic, calculations, and weighted scoring.

3. Facilitate workflows and approvals

Automatically trigger and facilitate workflows and approvals and assign them to the relevant people in order to meet your internal review and sign-off processes. These can be conducted back-to-back or in parallel.

4. Centrally track and manage audits

Harness an audit trail and custom dashboards to view audit statuses in real-time, re-assign reviewers, send reminders, and analyse trends across audits.

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