Law Firm App Template

Unfair Dismissal Claims

Apply for unfair dismissal claims via an automated
and intuitive questionnaire to qualify eligibility for a claim
Apply for unfair dismissal claims via an automated and intuitive questionnaire to qualify eligibility for a claim

Key Features

  • Smart Digital Forms

    Allows claimants to submit all relevant information via smart digital forms to get legal advice for their unfair dismissal.

  • Document Generation

    Automatically generates all required documents and forms needed to help the claimant further progress their claim.

  • Workflow Automation

    Automated workflow escalates only urgent or complex cases to the right lawyers allowing the process to be light touch and mostly self-serve for simple claims.


  • Save valuable time by automating manual information gathering processes

    Application mitigates the need for lawyers to chase information and for applicants to spend time coming into the office to fill out applications.

  • Facilitate swift and accurate decisions making

    Lawyers do not need to read through the entirety of the client’s application as the app aggregates key points for the lawyer to support the decision making process.

  • Increase customer intake

    By automating manual processes, law firms now have the potential to serve 7 times more customers per month as the per application processing time has decreased substantially.

How Does Checkbox Automate This?

1. Claimants can access the self-serve tool from your firm’s website

A URL can be embedded inside your firm’s website, or iFrame can enable users to access the tool without leaving the web page.

2. Claimants can self-navigate through the intuitive tool to provide information and upload documents

Smart forms with on-screen guidance enables a self-serve but intuitive experience for user to provide necessary information for their claims.

3. Checkbox automatically generates bespoke preliminary advice for the claimant and notifies lawyers

Legally correct preliminary advice is created inside Checkbox based on the customer details provided and in-built complex decisioning logic including calculations and weighted scoring. Customer details, e.g., email address and phone number, are forwarded onto a group of lawyers for a follow-up conversation.

4. Checkbox can automatically store information and uploaded documents in other matter management systems

For existing clients, information and uploaded documents are sent to store in other systems such as SharePoint, Hot Docs, iManage, or NetDocuments.

5. Gain insights into the types of advice requested and improve services over time

Track and manage queries, and view analytics through the Checkbox customisable dashboard.

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