Information Security App Template

International Data
Compliance Assessment

International Data Compliance Assessment

Assess the compliance of data risk & security on existing and new systems,
processes and activities against multi-jurisdictional standards & regulations
Assess the compliance of data risk and security on existing and new systems, processes and business activities against multi-jurisdictional standards and regulations to facilitate necessary approvals and reporting

Key Features

  • Information Record & Summary

    Records key information of an arrangement involving data and summarises the compliance requirements based on factors such as type of arrangement, location and data types.

  • Workflow Automation

    Facilitates parallel approval workflows across multiple different groups for each applicable data regulation.

  • Document Automation

    Generates corresponding documents such as a non-objection notice for an application relating to an outsourcing arrangement.


  • Ensure consistency of outcomes

    Achieve standardisation and accuracy by getting to the correct answer every time across your entire organisation.

  • Streamline approvals

    Take approvals out of messy, long email threads and involve the right stakeholders only at the right time, complete with a digital audit trail.

  • Improve efficiency

    Arrive at determinations faster by allowing first line risk to get access to digitised controls that drive the process.

How Does Checkbox Automate This?

1. Record key information using dynamic smart forms

Use dynamic smart forms to record the key information about systems, processes, and business activities that you need to assess against standards.

2. Determine assessment outcome

Use decision logic to automatically reach an assessment outcome and summarise the compliance requirements based on factors including arrangement, location, and data types.

3. Facilitate the necessary approvals in parallel

Facilitate approval workflows in parallel across the different groups relevant to each data regulation.

4. Track assessments from a central location using dashboards

Easily manage and track the progress of assessments and approval workflows in real-time through customisable dashboards.

5. Generate bespoke documents

Automatically populate and generate styled and ready-to-go documents corresponding to assessments. You can easily create document templates for this by using Checkbox’s Word Add-In.

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