In-house Legal App Template

Document Execution Approval

Guide users through the review and facilitate a digital approval
process around the signing and execution of an agreement
Guide users through the review and facilitate a digital approval process around the signing and execution of an agreement

Key Features

  • User Self-service

    Users can access self-serve Checkbox app to quickly determine how their document needs to be executed based on their responses in a digital form (or alternatively any Checkbox doc generation app can have a document execution workflow portion built into it).

  • Document Generation

    User uploads a document (or document is generated in Checkbox) and it then is automatically directed to the right internal stakeholders for approval based on in-built rules.

  • E-signature

    All necessary e-signature information is requested and e-signature process triggered using Checkbox out-of-the-box integration with e-sign platform with only relevant internal and external stakeholders based included.

  • Tracking & Dashboards

    All document executions are tracked in in one central place and derive operational insights from Checkbox dashboards.


  • Minimize human error and re-work:

    Automatically include the right document executors based on in-built rules.

  • Effortlessly sign contracts

    Moving from manual paper-based contracts, or PDFs to e-signature makes the contract signature process convenient for third parties and your internal senior staff.

  • Faster turn-around time of execution

    The entire process is streamlined and automated to drive efficiency and improve turn-around time.

How Does Checkbox Automate This?

1. Allow business users to easily access the self serve document execution tool

Automatically determine who needs to execute their document without having to request help from Legal.

2. Parallel workflows

Facilitate internal document approval with multiple stakeholders and concurrently if required.

3. E-signature

Checkbox integrates with e-signature such as Docusign and Adobe sign out-of-the-box to facilitate the signing of documents.

4. Monitor the status of all contracts at-a-glance

Approved stakeholders can use Checkbox Dashboards to manage and monitor the progress and audit trails of all contracts. Information such as the e-signature status, approval status and history of reviews can be displayed.

5. Automatically store signed documents in other document systems

Signed documents are sent to be stored in central document repositories such as Google Drive, SharePoint, iManage, or NetDocuments. Oversee the document generation and e-signature status.

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