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Audit and Tax
Risk and Compliance
Client Engagement

NDA Generator

• Rapidly generate and e-sign NDAs that are correct every time


• Track progress easily on a customisable Checkbox dashboard

Disclaimer Generator

• Minimise admin work by automatically generating and approving tailored disclaimers for any circumstances


• Significantly reduce risk by generating codified compliant-by-design outcomes

Approval Triage

Save time working back-and-forth using self-serve tools that determine the levels and types of approvals required for engagements


Automatically manage approval processes and notify applicants of their outcomes

Bulk Contract Renewal

• Generate hundreds of agreements ready to be signed using our native e-signature integration in just one click


• Track and analyse the closing of contract renewals on a centralised Checkbox dashboard

Trade Promotions

• Focus on high-value work by self-serving to determine the levels and types of approvals required for engagements


Automatically generate bespoke terms and conditions for your organisation

Customer Compensation Claims

• Triage, calculate and track claims on a centralised platform and reduce processing time and effort


• Deliver superior customer experiences and compliant-by-design outcomes with a dynamic platform built to cover any scenario

Audit and Tax

IFRS Calculators

• Navigate through complex regulations and create compliant-by-design reports and calculations


• Deliver lightning-fast turnarounds and provide an accurate, first-class customer experience with confidence

Indirect Tax Exemption

• Automate your services to deliver a seamless digital experience for your clients and let your consultants focus on high value work


• Win market share by providing a 24/7 digital self-serve solution at a competitive price point

Transfer Pricing

• Productise your internal expertise with an endlessly scalable automation tool that covers all jurisdictions and circumstances


• Navigate the complex using digital calculations and auto-generated statements of advice

ESIC Advice

Distinguish yourself in the marketplace with a 24/7 self-service ESIC eligibility tool, designed to scale and win work at a competitive price point


Risk and Compliance

NDB Assessment

• Rapidly identify, assess and report possible data breaches using a 24/7 easy-access self-serve app


• Leverage our full audit trail of responses, automated risk assessments and workflow escalation to significantly reduce data breach risk

Project Risk Register

• Avoid clunky spreadsheets by assessing, storing and escalating risks according to your company’s policies using our self-serve app


• Analyse and visualise risk data through a customisable dashboard

Vendor IT Risk & Security Assessment

• Replace clunky spreadsheets with tailored questionnaires, automated workflow processes and fully customised dashboards


• Easily customise and maintain your app without having to learn complex macros and engaging IT

Incident & Breach Reporting

• Collect all necessary information and automate reports through our Compliance Management System


• Identify trends in incidents and optimise operations with data-driven analytics on our customisable dashboard

Client Engagement

Fee/Quote Calculator

• Lock in prospective customers through data-driven pricing determination, customised by your criteria and processes


• Provide a greater customer experience by removing the friction of qualifying leads and negotiating pricing

Engagement Letter Generator

• Deliver a seamless digital experience and smoothly agree on the engagement terms and expectations 


• Remove unnecessary friction by leveraging our native e-signature integration and creating tailored questionnaires

Product Selector

• Empower your sales team to maximise the value of each lead by automating the process of scoping and identifying product fit for your clients


• Generate inbound leads 24/7 by deploying this self-serve app on your website

Inquiry & Complaints Management

• Help your Support team focus on complex cases by streamlining inquiries and complaints through a self-serve app


• Automatically triage complaints to the right level of support by codifying rules using automated workflow


Bulk Claims Assessment & Leakage Calc.

• Automatically perform dynamic calculations and analysis across an unlimited number of insurance claims within seconds


• Utilise our workflow functionality to automatically assign claims for review

Underwriting Decision Tool

• Perform complex weighted scoring and calculations to quickly formulate accurate decisions and pricing for your insurance products


• Codify your underwriting expertise and easily engage different stakeholders using automated workflow

Certificate of Insurance

Automate the issuance of bespoke insurance certificates through Checkbox’s end-to-end, compliant-by-design document generation engine

Digital Claims Submission

•  Automate submission processes and avoid tedious paper forms and over-the-phone claims


• Avoid rigid and costly legacy systems and rapidly create compliant-by-design apps for your insurance type and processes

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