How Did Checkbox Create Passive Revenue for an
Australian Law Firm?

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Our customer helps their clients draft shareholders agreements as part of their services. This often involves a few consultation sessions where factors such as party details, drag along rights, frequency of board meetings are determined. Once all the information is gathered, our customer uses a set of Word templates to put together the final shareholder’s agreement document before sending it off to the client.


Largely a Manual Process

This is a very manual process which is extremely arduous and consumes valuable lawyer time, reducing efficiency in our customer’s daily business operations. The process is also prone to human errors which could potentially lead to further complexities and unnecessary time spent on fixing these errors.

Self-Service Information Tool

Our customer used Checkbox to completely transform their shareholders agreement service into a revenue-generating product. The product digitises the entire interview process and automatically generates the correct shareholders agreement that reflects all the intentions of the client. Embedding the tool on their website, our customer enabled their clients to self-serve which increased engagement and provided a better customer experience where clients could provide information at their own pace and was provided on-screen guidance through tool tips throughout.


Passive Revenue Generation

For the law firm, this meant setting up a passive revenue stream whilst freeing up lawyer time to focus on higher value engagements.