E0: Digital Service Transformation

And how it’s changing the lives of knowledge experts

E0: Digital Service Innovation

And how it’s changing the lives of knowledge experts

E0: How Digital Service Transformation is Changing the Lives of Knowledge Experts

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Outside The Box is a podcast featuring interviews with change makers who are leading digital service transformation in their organisations.

On this pilot episode, we cover what digital service transformation is and the types of ways transformation impacts the way knowledge experts deliver their services.

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Evan Wong (Host): [00:00:00] Hello everyone. And welcome to the, the very first episode of outside the box podcast. My name is Evan Wong and I’m the co founder and CEO of Checkbox. And I have the absolute privilege of opening up this series with you. In fact, today I’ve got your usual host. Minwoo Yim as the guest. So welcome to this first episode Minwoo. 

I would love to –get an introduction as to who you are for the listeners as well as, well, why did you start this podcast?  

Minwoo Yim: [00:00:28] Yeah. Great question, Evan. Hi everyone.  My name is Min and I am your usual host. And in my day to day, I am the Customer Success and Delivery Lead at Checkbox. And in my day to day, what I typically do is work with our customers around thinking through transformation broadly and help them use the product that we have at Checkbox, which is the Checkbox platform.  

And to kind of answer your second question on why we decided to do a podcast, Evan, we found that a lot of the conversations we were having in industry and we are across multiple verticals, we’re finding that the stories of transformation, some of the challenges and some of the ways that our customers are really approaching those challenges were pretty similar. 

And yet these conversations were happening –in a disconnected manner. There wasn’t really any forum or a way for people to really collaborate on a consistent basis. And so we thought, why don’t we actually collect those stories and for the benefit of the ecosystem and for people who are thinking about transformation, actually share that. 

And so we’re hoping that listeners will be able to take some of those lessons, some of those challenges and solutions and apply it to their own journey of transformation.  

Evan Wong (Host): [00:01:31] That’s awesome. Like learning through stories and knowledge shared through stories. Love that. So I guess who is this podcast best intended for? 

Minwoo Yim: [00:01:39] Yeah, that’s a great question. So we’re really aiming this podcast at anyone who is thinking about transformation. That could be someone within a broad enterprise organisation. Who’s really just doing a day to day job and thinking, how do I apply transformation concepts to my work, whether that be through people, process or technology all the way up to the decision makers who are thinking more broad scale, macro scale. And so –to give examples of the type of guests we’ll have on the show, we have people in  in-house legal who are thinking about –transformation of legal services within enterprise and then we also have people from the financial sector. 

We also have people across governance, risk and compliance. So we really have a breadth –and spread of expertise. The best way to sum it up is anyone who is a knowledge worker can really benefit from listening to this podcast and can really take something away from the way that they deliver their services. 

Evan Wong (Host): [00:02:30] Hmm. And talking about taking things away, what can listeners expect to get out of listening to these podcasts?  

Minwoo Yim: [00:02:35] Yeah, I think the practical thing that listeners can expect is how to actually apply  the solutions to some of the challenges that they may –be facing – and actually with that, maybe a way to better articulate some of the challenges that they are facing. 

Sometimes it’s really hard to articulate what type of environment that people are facing and the pressures that they’re facing on a day to day basis. And so one, we want to help them identify what those challenges are and two, hopefully encourage them to look at some of the solutions their peers are looking at  in the industry and hopefully three, then use that to apply to their own journey of transformation.  

Evan Wong (Host): [00:03:08] And you mentioned transformation a lot. You mentioned service specifically. In your mind, what is –digital service transformation?  

Minwoo Yim: [00:03:16] Yeah, that’s a great question.  Transformation in my mind, broadly speaking in the most general sense, is literally taking one state and moving it to another state. 

And I think that can be applied to a plethora of contexts. You can really just — 

Evan Wong (Host): [00:03:29] Even personal, right? 

Minwoo Yim: [00:03:29] That’s right. That’s right. You could really apply it to any context. Where we really wanted to focus in on is service transformation. Service is a pretty loaded word as well, but we want to specifically drill down on the type of value that knowledge workers give – people who have a very specific type of advice and expertise that they’re giving to their customers or clients in house, or maybe externally. 

And then thinking about digital service transformation, we wanted to specifically look at the way that these knowledge workers are transforming the way that they deliver their advice and expertise using technology. Now it won’t be limited to that. We often say at Checkbox that –transformation is a combination of people, process and technology. 

And we often intermingle those, concepts and we’ll be looking at all three, but I certainly we have seen a lot of movement in the technology sphere and want to spend some time thinking about that with our customers.  

Evan Wong (Host): [00:04:19] And obviously both you and I work at Checkbox. How do we fit into that picture? Why is checkbox running this podcast around service –transformation? 

Minwoo Yim: [00:04:27] So checkbox for our listeners who don’t know about it is an automation and workflow platform and  –our mission is to really make  no code accessible to any experts. Anyone –without a technical background can easily create software that is relevant to their context. And the reason why that’s so relevant to transformation is that we’ve found that our platform has been applied to transformation contexts. 

So really leading the initiatives around delivering service and expertise and advice in a new way. And so our product and company really fits well into those initiatives and what we’re seeing in industry and we’ve found that, thankfully, our story and our product has fit into the story of the people that we’ve interviewed and will be interviewing. 

–That’s been a pleasure as well.  

Evan Wong (Host): [00:05:11] It’s interesting because a lot of the experts, as you say, or the knowledge workers are really specialized and really good at what they do. They might be really great lawyers, really great financial advisors or a really great human resource professionals. 

But they don’t necessarily come from a background of coding or IT and I guess the word digital and digital service transformation often is quite daunting and puts a lot of people off and –that no code movement that we’re seeing globally is such an empowering sort of movement for these professionals. 

Minwoo Yim: [00:05:40] Couldn’t agree more. 

Evan Wong (Host): [00:05:43] –You’ve worked with a lot of clients in this space. What have you seen as being — the journeys of service transformation? What forms and different ways can digital service transformation take?  

Minwoo Yim: [00:05:53] Yeah. So what we’re seeing, is the challenge of,  I mean, it’s going to take form really, depending on the vertical, but the ways that people are overcoming the challenges of transformation or the challenges that it presents itself ready for transformation is in three ways. 

One is through people. And so that’s either through –finding new  skills that are –as you say, equipping people who don’t necessarily have a technical background to create their own software. That would be an example of re-skilling, or introducing new roles into the team. So we’re seeing a lot of collaboration between knowledge workers and BAs and PMs who come from a more technical background. And then the second way is through process. –That is either centralising and streamlining processes that –traditionally have really just been taken for granted –or re-engineering or rehydrating processes in the organization to make them more efficient. 

And then the last way is through technology and that’s as, as it suggests either using existing technology that may not have –been tapped into its full potential or actually finding new technology that solves a problem  –in a more efficient manner or delivers service in a more efficient manner. 

In summary, it’s really people process and technology. 

Evan Wong (Host): [00:07:06] And –that’s amazing. And I’m super, super excited for this podcast because I know the lineup and the quality of the guests that you’ve asked to come on board here. Where can people keep track? Where can people listen to this podcast? 

Minwoo Yim: [00:07:19] If you’re already listening to this, there’s a good chance that you’ve already accessed one of those channels, but, Apple podcast, Spotify and Google podcast will be the main ways to access the podcast. But having said that we’ll also have show notes as an extra resource. So anyone who wants to drill down or find additional resources related to our guests can go to our website at checkbox.ai and go to the podcast section and they’ll actually be show notes for every single episode. 

Evan Wong (Host): [00:07:45] That’s awesome. Look, I’m looking very much forward to listening to the following episodes. So again, if you really are interested in service transformation from a digital perspective, stay tuned for the next episode. 

Thanks Min.  

Minwoo Yim: [00:07:56] Awesome. Thanks. 

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