How did Checkbox Drastically Increase the Efficiency for
One of Australia’s Big Banks?

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Our customer faced the problem of having hundreds of internal policies and manuals which were not known, used, or complied with across their staff. This was because the information was all contained in long, decentralised PDF documents or the heads of a few experts.


Disjointed and Inaccurate Information

Staff wasted a lot of time searching for the answer and would often email and sometimes even set up meetings with other staff within the company to find out the answer, only to receive different answers when asking different people.

Checkbox Solution:
Self-Service Triage

Our customer used Checkbox to build triage tools for key areas such as a product change submission guide.  In addition, Checkbox provided an audit trail which enabled our customer to track, review and record compliance which was previously unmeasured.


Drastic Increase in Efficiency

Ultimately, Checkbox enabled the customer to achieve better knowledge management and distribution, which resulted in massive time-saving across all staff, reduced frustration and increased compliance and standardisation of procedures. Our customer was able to deliver the same policies and manuals in a more automated, interactive way which enabled staff to self-serve through ‘knowledge-as-a-service’.