Empower users to build their own automation tools

Build and flexibly deploy apps to automate processes through a unique, proven implementation path

1. Define your challenge

Build unique solutions to your complex processes

Cover all your use cases end-to-end using drag and drop alone to build your own automation and workflow software
document generation

Document Generation

Generate ready-to-go documents, pre-filled and tailored from templates

forms automation

Forms Automation

Capture the information you need from users or systems & conduct triage

workflow automation

Workflow Automation

Automate end-to-end user journeys including approvals and reminders

data apps

Data Applications

Record, retrieve and update data from dynamic systems of record

decision support

Decision Support

Design complex rules, decision-tree logic and calculations

checkbox block

No Code App Building

Prototype, build & maintain applications using our drag-and-drop interface

2. Work with our world-class support team

Receive readily-accessible support & services

Our team has deep expertise in no code digital transformation across the entire discipline from ideation through to helping you set up your governance, people and operating model
checkbox customer success
“The quality of support is outstanding. Checkbox goes over and above to understand the specific business context of our apps to help us deliver. They have an excellent approach in trying to encourage users to build themselves but providing them with additional help when needed.”
Richard Conway, Deputy Group General Counsel

3. Simple drag and drop creation in Studio

Build your App using
no-code drag and drop

Subject matter experts can quickly and easily automate the processes they know best by building apps using drag-and-drop, without the need for coding

4. Rigorous testing and preview

Thoroughly test & streamline the end-user experience

Preview and test the flow of your App from the end-user perspective and thoroughly test with relevant end users before deployment

5. Deploy and distribute

Flexibly deploy & distribute your App to users

Distribute apps via a web link and access multiple native deployment options to facilitate both external & internal user journeys

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