How did Checkbox Automate
Australia’s Leading Airline and Telecommunication Company?

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Our customer issues many non-disclosure agreements (NDA) as a pre-requisite to sharing sensitive information. There are different versions of the NDA and different clauses that must be included depending on factors such as whether the party is internal or external, whether IP is created, and which jurisdiction to assign the governing law. And of course, basic information such as recipient, address, and purpose also needed to be filled out each time, together with a poor user experience printing, signing, scanning and distributing the copy.


Manual NDAs

With the varying versions of NDA and different clauses necessary for each, high volumes of agreements were required to be created. Given that these were all done manually, our customer would spend a lot their time attending to low value, but necessary work.

Checkbox Solution:
Automation of NDAs

Our customer used Checkbox to build an automated NDA generator and workflow tool. A link is sent via email to the recipient who fills in a simple form on their desktop or mobile. By filling in the form, the correct, ready-to-sign NDA with all details filled in is generated. Our customer is then automatically notified when the form is complete to approve the copy before sending it for signature via our integration with DocuSign. Once all parties sign, the signed copy is emailed to each party, including a copy for the legal team to keep on record.


Increased Efficiency

Our solution to automate the NDAs was able to provide a more seamless and efficient user experience for their clients and the in-house team. This drastically reduced the number of hours spent on producing NDAs, creating opportunities to spend more time on things that really matter.