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Deliver innovation with speed and flexibility

Using the leading no-code legal automation platform, enable your firm to streamline inefficient processes and build client solutions

Trusted by leading businesses, globally


Improve gross profit with process automation

Equip your lawyers with tools that automate low margin work to remain competitive on cost whilst maximizing profit and service levels


Streamline firm operations and knowledge

Reduce the time, cost, and risk of internal back office tasks through process, workflow, and document automation whilst operationalizing knowledge


Win and retain clients through value add

Provide digital solutions to clients that enable self-service 24/7 guidance and win new work through technology differentiation and lead generation tools


Unlock new streams of revenue

Generate new streams of revenue, managed services, and bolster client retention by producticizing low margin legal expertise or providing solutions to your clients’ operational challenges

One platform to manage your workflows, services and data

Streamline the flow of data, documents and activities across your existing systems and workflow.

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No-Code Automation Platform - Integrations
No-Code Automation Platform - Integrations

13,000+ hours saved per year

"Our teams spend less time on menial tasks and more time on things that require their skills and expertise, and they get to spend more face-to-face time with business stakeholders to meet business deliverables."

Denise Doyle

Transformation Lead, Legal Division

60+ workflows automated across legal

“Without the need for technical skills or the help of IT, Checkbox has enabled us to automate intake and triage, pre-populate significant volumes of information up front, and allocate matters to the lawyers with the right expertise and availability. It is a living, breathing tool we can scale and adapt easily to maintain a legal safety blanket for the business.”

Ben Langford

Group Counsel, Woolworths Group

4000+ documents automated per year across the business

“The legal and people & culture teams have been able to focus on the people rather than the processes, whilst rolling out solutions organizations-wide at a velocity that was unachievable previously.”

Richard Conway

Deputy Group General Counsel & Group Company Secretary at Coca-Cola


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